Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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WE are using a 63A MCCB(SIEMENS MAKE) for one of the feeder in LV substation panel.It is supplying to a lighting & power socket DB.Settings in the MCCB is Ir = 63 * 1 , Isd = 8 times of Ir , tsd = 0.5 sec( I2 t off). Sometimes this MCCB is tripping .But no trip in DB MCB. Can anybody tell me reason ? From where i can know about the MCCB settings?

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how to reduce earth to neutral voltage?

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what is the differnce of STATIC ENERGY METER FROM ordinary energy meter?

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Any one can explaination about calibration with rotating sub standards?


What is the basic working principle of Tri vector meter?


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What is the difference between double compression

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how current flows in circuit?

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What is the current flow in 230v ac supply ? What is the current flow in 415v Ac supply ?

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why the power factor in inductive load is lagging while it is leading in capacitive load?

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what type of earthing is done on hilly rocks.

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what is the difference between Earthing,Grounding and neutral?

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What is the output voltage of a DG set.

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Why PT voltages are measured with respect to ground? What do u mean by voltage or current polarized.



I am inpecting a 10kVA UPS what tests should i do and should i observe?


what do you mean by synchronous speed of a three phase induction motor?


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Why PS class CT is always preferred for Differential protection?


in power generator normaly voltagr betwween esth to neutral is 0 but my work place generator show the volatge is 60v any body know why? thanks


What is the rating of circuit breaker needed for 300 KVA load in 33 KV supply line in a transformer of 33 KV / 415 Volt ?


what the principle of sincroscope?how it works?when it needed?


in cvt,there are two windings,1a,1n and 2a,2n.in my one project i use only one winding i.e.1a,1n. the other winding is not in use, so i connect it in open delta and want to close it by ibsertibg thermal resistor. the output of cvt is 132kv/115/sqrt3. plesae tell me exact value of resistor, so i may close it to avoid the resonance phenomenin. send me answer on this email adress please. aetcon-po@aetcon.com


If i am running of spindle at 2000rpm ,but How to spindle stop at the second I am resetting the machine in CNC machines


i am completed my degree(B.E EEE) 2014 anychance to get electrical licence plz help me


How to calculate mf when meter equipment and meter are connected


what is self capacitance of inductor


how does this job compare with others you have aplied for?


Which contains in POLE ASSEMBLY of a 11KV Kirloskar-make SF6 (Model No-FP620A12)? Will u clarify with drawing?


Currently what is the highest capacity (MVA) of SPPg generator available in the market?


How to calculate the size of earth cable to earth the neutral of UPS ?


how to put cable sizing and cable glands size for respective cable & Cable Lug size in a DB sectors???


is it possible for different brand of H.V transformers to run or operate in parallel to each other? if so how much disturbance can this affact the H.V bus bar?