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What is the difference between double compression

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What is the difference between double compression..

Answer / shirsendu saha

I don't think any of the above answers are completely correct.
Single compression and double compression glands are used on
the basis of area classification.those who are affiliated
with oil and gas sector they will easily understand about
area zone 0 where the presence of
hydrocarbon is obvious (IIC)double compression gland is used
because the flame path in case of double compression gland
is much more than in case of single compression gland. the
logic behind this is that if there is any explosion inside
the terminal box of the motor no flame should be able to
come out through the cable gland in order to prevent fire
hazards but where there is no presence of hydrocarbons i.e
no danger of fire hazards (IIA/ IIB)single compression glads
are used. it has nothing to do with mechanical strength.
even in case of lighting fixtures used in IIC zone double
compression glands are used.

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What is the difference between double compression..

Answer / j.i.doddamani

The basic diffeance between single and dobble compression
1. Parts of Double comp
a. Gland body
b. Gland body Nut
c. Cone
d. Cone Ring
e. Neopen Rubber seal.
f. Rubber Washer
i. Check Nut.

2. Single Comp Parts
a. Gland body
b. Gland body Nut
c. Neopen Rubber seal.
d. Rubber Washer
e. Check Nut
f. Flat washer

The Basic differance between Single and Double Comp is
1. In Single comp there no cone and cone ring. The
mechanical support for the cable is only Neopen rubber
seal,When u tighting the cable.

2. In double camp gland the mechanical support to the cable
only cone and cone ring. When doing glanding the cable
arrmour sits on the cone and cone ring act as a lock for

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What is the difference between double compression..

Answer / shailendra

Double compression glands provide extra support to the
heavy armoured cables entering or exiting the panel while
single compression glands are used fore light armoured

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What is the difference between double compression..

Answer / vallarasu

Single compression cable gland: when you tighten the gland the grip or compression is affected at only cable armour

Double compression cable gland: When you tighten the gland the grip is affected cable armour and sheath of cable

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What is the difference between double compression..

Answer / nikhil

Double compersion Glands are having always EXd enclosure
providing long fault path and earthing to braid of the
power cable.

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What is the difference between double compression..

Answer / rajesh nayak

Double compression glands used in FLP motors for intrinsic
safety where as single compression glands used in every motors

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What is the difference between double compression..

Answer / ajay

Although # 4 answer is on right track. But apart from area
classification, mech grip is also equally imp. to Sum up:
Ex'e'(single compression) equal to IP54.(IEC 60079-0,7)
Ex'd' (double compression) equivalent IP66. (IEC 60079-1).
Double is better always... but may not be necessary for all

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