Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Isolator annd Circuit Breaker.

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If I fill the form of engineering services and I left the exam de to navoidable reasons . Will it counts my one attempt

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What is the different type of class in CTS and why it is required

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what is the difference between neutral and earth

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What is a Phase shift meter? Where can I get one?


Can anybody tell me the Electrical IS rules website?

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what is the formula for 3 phase motor starting cureent deatials 3phase 148A delta 415v, efficiancy 94% can we run the motor with 200A incoming supply

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what is the formulae for selcting capacitor bank to increas pf

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in a transmission line the aluminium cor is sarrounded and in between there is a another type of matrial what is that?

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what is the formulae for selcting capacitor bank to increas pf

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We have a bank capacitor rating of 60 KVAR for a overall load of 160 KVA and we have connected three loads of 50KVA each. We would like to auto matically correct PF using APFC. How do we design it?

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previous year paper of ntpc bhel for degree in electrical enng


Is there any question in the name of Static Switch in UPS??


I am applying for NTPC examination.Can we please provide previous paper to my mail prasad.chintala108340@gmail.com


what is a diffrence between MCCB, RCCB, MCB, & ELCB ? what is rated current e.g. on motor name plate indicated that is rated curent? what is full load current? If we run D.C. motor with mechanical coupling and we measure voltage on terminal it shows voltage or not ? same in AC also possible ?


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how you will decide the distance between the power transformer and its fencing


what is metering cum synchronizing panel and how it is used?


draw vector diagram and +ve,zero sequence diagram of symmetrical three phase fault.


how to generator maintenance (A Check, B check,Etc)


how can we phase identification in a distribution line,how we recognise that which phase is coming for a house hold connection.help me............


What is use of starter and choke in tube light


Why i receive the GCU fault in my DG Sychronization panel . what all the factors considered for this fault .


What are the protection required for Transformer, motor, Line, Generator, capacitor, that all i have to refer which standard?(Like Transformer detail IS 2026)


What should be setting for alarm,tripping and cooling fan on for power transformer's oil temp. and winding temp. indicator?


How REF protects transformer alone? explain with diagram.


Why we make earth connection with Transformer Body and What will be the minimum size of copper wire as per code with respect to KVA rating of Transformer?


what is the significance of tan&delta and how it performed in power transformer


before transformer oil dielectric strenght tests are taken the oil should be allowed to settle to remove option 1 air bubbles 2 gasses 3 contamination 4 water


What is the basis for selecting Vk/2 or Vk/4 for REF and Differential protection of Transformer and What is the significance of magnetising current


which mm cable should be used for 1.hp immersible pump motor for the distance of 330 metres?