Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference between Isolator annd Circuit Breaker.

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If I fill the form of engineering services and I left the exam de to navoidable reasons . Will it counts my one attempt

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What is the different type of class in CTS and why it is required

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what is the difference between neutral and earth

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What is a Phase shift meter? Where can I get one?


Can anybody tell me the Electrical IS rules website?

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what is the formula for 3 phase motor starting cureent deatials 3phase 148A delta 415v, efficiancy 94% can we run the motor with 200A incoming supply

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what is the formulae for selcting capacitor bank to increas pf

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in a transmission line the aluminium cor is sarrounded and in between there is a another type of matrial what is that?

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what is the formulae for selcting capacitor bank to increas pf

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We have a bank capacitor rating of 60 KVAR for a overall load of 160 KVA and we have connected three loads of 50KVA each. We would like to auto matically correct PF using APFC. How do we design it?

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previous year paper of ntpc bhel for degree in electrical enng


Is there any question in the name of Static Switch in UPS??


I am applying for NTPC examination.Can we please provide previous paper to my mail prasad.chintala108340@gmail.com


what is a diffrence between MCCB, RCCB, MCB, & ELCB ? what is rated current e.g. on motor name plate indicated that is rated curent? what is full load current? If we run D.C. motor with mechanical coupling and we measure voltage on terminal it shows voltage or not ? same in AC also possible ?


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hi every body i am master student in control engineering and my project is slip control in trains i assumed a Dc motore as traction motor but i don't have characteristics of this kind of motor that is used in train. i want from every body if he or she has the characteristics or information about Dc motor that is used in train give me those information or technical characteristics .


what is the carona effects meaning in HT line transmmission system


what is the relation between size of the anteena and wavelenghth of radiated wave


why lightning arrestor are made in two stack of insulator but why not cvt


what is (+) and (-) in generator field detector stand for?


Please explain the following and how these are working with PLC unit 1.I/O Module 2.I/O Device 3.Adaptor Card 4.Ribbon Adaptor 5.RS 485-FC


Why does the radius of armature is less than the radius of pole shoe?


What is mean 2XWY


and gate circuit diagram,amplifier circuit diagram


In electrical locomotive engines, the DC series motors is being used as traction motor. But in new engines like in WAP7 & WAG9 the 3-phase squiral cage induction motors has replaced them. So can someone tell me the advantages of induction motor over dc seris motor in engines points of view....???


How do we calculate the Out put voltage of generator, after the excitation is being given?


which type of amplifiers are used in multimete?


How to calculate Ith (I thermal) for curent transformer


the grid connection required for a 50 MegaWatt fotovoltaic powerplant is higher or lower than 35kv (high or medium tension)?


what is the difference between droop mode and ischnorous mode in thermal powerplant?