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Volvo Interview Questions
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can we call the garbage collector to run explicicitly?

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Define yourself

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what is electric traction?

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in motor graders the radiator fan exhausts air not suck air why ?

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hi friend i am sending some interview question which is asked from me at volvo hope this will help you of all 1 what is mpls al question is posted by jitendera kumar sinha


what is frame it a circit switching technolgy if no then what technolgy it used

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what is diffrence between circit switching and packet switching

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what is diffrence betwwen mpls and frame really

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what is leased line and if any issue occur what will u do thai is trouble shootin occurs let leased line is down

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what is vlan and how will you configure vlan on 3650 switch and how many valn can you create on that switch

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let threr are three router 1 is cionected to two and two is conected to three that is 1----2----3 now we can ping 2 from 3 and 1 to two but we are not able to ping 1 to 3 let router 1 is local and rest of two are remote what should be urs troubleshoot steps

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what is firewall how fiarewall work how many interfaeces in the cisco pix 501 firewall what is the working of that dmz interface

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What are the Advantages of using software deployment services in domain ?

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The Common problems you faced in a network if the RIS service is unavailable?

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who is the owner of system files?

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