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Alembic Interview Questions
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Describe your experience with analytical instrumentation?

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what is meant by Stagging?

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what is role of medical representative

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how we do assay of urea, ammonium sulpate, ammonium nitro pospate etc

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i m BSc ( Bio) and MBA ( Fresher) in marketing,i wanna to know which type of job i can get in pharma sector. i face the quastaion in the interview that why do u choose this sector for the job after MBA

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why u want join cipla company as a medical representative

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what is the difference between sulphated ash and ROI

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why are you join in cipla company?


how i can calculate the actual nos & size of steel to make 1000sqft. x 3"thick slab


What is meaning of LOD and Water content ?

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In Force degradation Study Compound is not degrade in any condition , also in higher stress what can i do ?

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what is the use of tap density apparatus? why we calculate it? what is the difference between the bulk density and tap density?

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What are the significance of MKT in stability study.

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why we are using 6 dosage units in dissolution, and why we are using 6 tablets in disintegation there any scientific reason beyond 6?

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In HPLC Calibration, On which basis RSD Limit of noise test is fixed (NMT 33.0 % )


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