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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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will fix foundation bolts at site with out template is there any procedure?



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what is water cement ratio and how to calculate it after designing the concrete?

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How do I calculate the ground is resested for a 5 floor building?


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what is period of de-shuttering for different area of slab of M25 grade?


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what type of qustions can i expect from soil mechanics

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how much cubic feet cement contain in one bag

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What is the percentage of steel in 1cu.m. RCC?

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Contrete reaches its full strength in 28 days. Then, why are we removing shutter in 7/ 14 days?

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what should be the minimum diameter of chairs in renforced concrete slab or raft roundation?

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While testing concrete cubes why the load will be applied on the opposite face of the casting surface of the cube?

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Why do not use fly ash bricks for waterproofing.


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Difference between design mix and nominal mix

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What kind of soil has what bearin for pile work? eg sand with high water table collapses faster, black cotton soil is ideal, sand leads to more wear and tear of the boring consumables, rock takes longer and require rock augers etc etc


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which is higher specific gravity or bulkdensity


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Explain what are the skills required to become an architect?


How much qty of stone ; sand; cement in R/R stone masonry of 136 CUM


how to tie 10 legged stirrups


What is bmc stands for in bmc software?


How do You Maintain a structure after getting cube test of low strength.


Define What is the origin of name Railway Sleepers?


What are the basic use of runners and standards of pipelines?


A super elevation of 60 cm has been provided on a 8m wide road and a curve of 260m radius .calculate the max.speed in km/hr of the vehicle that can be negotiated safely? Plz answer with full solution.thanx


detailed calculation of the amount of cement used?


what is constat for brickwork


how many time use of plywood shuttering and IS code


Explain what is 1/8 on the architect ruler denotes?


In csae of hume pipes NP stands for Non Pressure bur what does it really mean?


Define What is a projection line?


Sometimes the side of concrete bridges is observed to turn black in color. What is the reason for this phenomenon?