Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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How to rectify thermal cracks (2mm wide, 9mm deep aprx. ) developed in tremix finished concrete floor?


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How to calculate crank length? How to calculate hook length?

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difference between limit state method and working stress in terms of load


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how to calculate water cement ratio?

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What's the expanded form for NMR?

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Define what is quality...

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what is diversion?


how to test the quality of bars???

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Why the height of the bridges over the river are very low?

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when it is noted "JAMB SIM" what is the term "SIM" and what does it mean?


Is there any course for billing available in Mumbai? If yes then please mail me the details..


What is the difference between shuttering


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how new RCC roof joined with existing RCc roof

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I had a plot of say 5000 sq.ft. and soil in the plot is normal soil. Now I had to work upon the tender quantities to prepare a preliminary budget within a day. Is there any thumb rule or assumptions to calculate the quantities which can differ upto 15% +/-?

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What is the proportion in M-20, M-25, M-30 grade of concrete?


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a concrete mix 1 2 4 by volume with water cement ratio as .6 by weight if moisture content in F.A is 6% with 20% BULKING AND IN C.A 1.5% by volume. find quantities of different materials required for one bag of cement


What is the cost of formwork for columns/beams/rcc walls also what is the cost of shuttering for roof slab at height of 25 feet


In an aggregate blending plant, water is sprayed before blending is performed. If the fine content in aggregate is as high as 25 %, will not the fines form into lumps / balls and distribution will not be uniform ? Further, the fines will stick onto the interior of pug mill and its content will be low. The mixed material is stockpiled for weeks / months before use. Will it not be better that blending is done in dry condition, and water will be added only during compaction at site. Please forward your comments and suggestions.


what is difference between fluidity and workability also how palsticizer works


i am completed my EEE in 2009,,,iam trying the job 3+ for AUTO CAD (ELECTRICAL),, what is the market for autocad electrical in hyderabad... how to handle the intervws give some suggestions ?


how much quantity of cement,sand and water required for 1 sq feet flooring work .


what is the minimum compressive strength of clay brick


What is the deffrence multistory bulding &highrise bulding


Give list of building construction equipment & explain about them in brief. How much is output of JCB, POCLAIN, Steel cutting & bending machine, material hoist, tower crane?


What is the coeffiencent Friction Angle between Steel and Ashphalt?


Used Cement & Sand in 1 Square Meter or 1 Square Feet For Brick Work 0.115mm ? (1:4) (1:6)


how meny typs of renging rod?


in plate load test what is the thickness of plate 20mm 5mm 50mm none


Howmuch bend to be provide for 200/600 BEEM


Is there any course for billing available in Mumbai? If yes then please mail me the details..