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Please tell me about surveying standard chain details.Thanks.

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Please tell me how many bricks needed for 4.5" bricks per m3(how to calculate this also), and outurn of mason. Thanks.

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Different sizes of Hollow blocks and its weight. Thanks.


Difference between overlap and development length of rod. Thanks.

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Using 1 lit paint how many sq.ft of wall we can paint. Thanks.

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Please tell me vasthu room sizes. Thanks.


Please tell me present is code no for steel structure work. Thanks.

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Please tell me the difference between nominal and clear cover. Thanks.

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In case of columns the cover is from main steel or from stirrup & which is the IS code mentioned in it?

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Previous IS steel code?Thanks.

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I heard Thump rule about beam depth is 1" per 1' length. Is this correct? If not please tell me the thump rule.Thanks.

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In your experience what is the maximum beam length. What's beam size and also please provide column size also. Thanks.

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what are the cube & Sylinder strength of concret M20,M25,M30,M35,M40,M60 ,M75,M10 ,M15



URGENT: please tell me what's normal drawing scale for residential building and commercial building? Thanks.

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how much minimum steel provide in column

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how many mason and labaur work for a 1 brass bricks plz let me know the calculate & how to made calculation for this and whats the formulas for this?


how to take the quantity of block work and plastering  1block price:3saudi riyal cement:1bag:15 saudi riyal sand:3bag:20 saudi riyal 1mason:9hour per hour 40 saudi riyal 1labour:9hour per hour 40 saudi riyal can anybdy calculate


if size is 235cmsx15cmx100cms so how many cement bags and how many sand bags are used for concrete mix


i have boiler of 35 tone and wanted dig out foundation is there any body to help me to carry out calculation for the foundation like


How to improve the strength of fly ash bricks to avoid corner damge? How to get the color lighter similar to normal concrete blocks/


Required concret Surface Temperature prior to coating of epoxy pain with references ASTM or ACI whatever


What sizes of stones chips are used for foundation, column and floor casting. Please answer in detail.


in a building why we are using T beams? why can i adopt beam bottom & Top level as same as slab bottom & Top level?




What is the difference between 53 grade and 43 grade cement


is there any codal provision for soil cousion over the Hume pipe of Dia 1.2 m.


What are the methods in tiles flooring ? What are the methods in brick work? What are the methods in plastering ? What are the methods in wall tiling?


when reinforcement binding completed if there is more cover than the required what is the solution to reduce the cover?


Hi I had missed my mark list (first year-apr2003)how i search in my old mark details in internet and which web site? pl inform me in full details..


10'0" × 10'0" Proposed room Start and Finish How many Cement & Sand & Bricks & Metals & Steels Need