how much minimum steel provide in column

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how much minimum steel provide in column..

Answer / mustafa mohd layeak

Minimum reinforcent in columns = 0.87% of c/sect column
area and a column must atleast have 4 bars, as per IS code
a maximum of 6% is allowed but it is advised to restrict it
at 3 to 4 % due to practical problem of spacing between
bars for concrete placing.

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how much minimum steel provide in column..

Answer / robert

CSA A23.3 prescribes that the ratio of reinforcement range
from 1% to 8%.

It's common practice to have a reinforcement ratio in the
range of 1% to 4%. So the minimum is 0.01* (Area gross)

However, a reinforcement ratio less than 1% but larger than
0.5% may be used provided that the axial and flexural
resistances are multiplied by a correction factor.

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how much minimum steel provide in column..

Answer / sakthi


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how much minimum steel provide in column..

Answer / vimal prajapati

Minimum R/f used in rcc column 8 to 10 % by weight of
concrete volume.
As per IS 456 minimum vertical R/f in squire & rectengle
column should be 04 nos.

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