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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the weight of std brick and 6" ,8",4" solid block...?

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neutral axis more than the critical neutral axis then rainforcement in rcc beam belong to over or under rainforcement

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How Many Cement Bags Are Used in 1 Sqm Area for Plaster????

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what is the water cement ratio of 1:6 and 1:4 cement sand mortar. reply soon



What is Rodding?

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what is the max. and mim. height of vertical post in informatry sign board which is used in highway projects.



what is the specific gravity of cement .define it and value?

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you are planning to paint a newly fabricated workshop building made of structural steel of 10 tons total are require to paint 1 cot of primer and 2 coats of top coat.How many liters of primer and top coat you will request

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why we take cube depth 150mm for testing

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what is the ideal construction joint for slab?

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why the cube depth is 150 mm which is used for testing


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whaat is blister in box girder bridge and what is its function..


why does only water ads in concrete?


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one litre of shuttering oil how much area covered the shuttering?


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How much percent of steel use in concrete members etc.slab,beam,lintal,colmn,raft fondation according to concrete volume? Kindly reply me I am in dbout plz

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Detection of a beam & a girder are––––


how i convert mm into standard wire guage (SWG)no.


What is a projection line?


What is the quantity of metal 1 & metal 2 to be used in 100 cft concrete?


how to frame the sentence in voucher pad ? Description : 1.Food Expenses during site visit 2.Stamp Paper approval expenses 3.Travelling expenses 4. sweet distribution


how to caluclate sienerge qty in construction in ap


What are the types of slump?


how to caliculate required amount of cement and sand required for 1cu.m.


how much quantity of 1.5" nails and 2.5" nails are required for conventional formwork shuttering?


when it is noted "JAMB SIM" what is the term "SIM" and what does it mean?


how to calculate cut length of re-bar in a circle . because we not place same length of re-bar in whole circle maximum in center and minimum at corner so how to calculate middle bars???


What is the difference between chamfer and fillet?


what is Brest Wall?


why we use for testing of compression strength concrete the size of specimen 150x150x150. why we are not using another dimension like 100x150x100 uneven dimension.


define the strength