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what is the hanekom repairing material after concreting work



How to calculate manhole brick work quantity.

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which grade of cement mostly used in construction and why..??


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what is difference between 33, 43 and 53 grade cement..? which is more suitable for construction and why,..??

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which grade of cement is more suitable for construction..? and why.?? what is difference between 33, 43 and 53 grade cement..?


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What is the meaning of Fe415 ?

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what is the difference between sill beam,Tie beam and plinth beam?


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how to calculate stair case landing slab bottom shuttering marking,angle of stair case? top landing length-1250mm treads length-2700mm(9X300mm) rise length-1500mm(10X150mm top landing level +1.5m lvl bottom level-0.00m lvl


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what is the wet quantity of concrete?

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sir i have 2700sq.ft area.i wish to make a coomercial space including this area.sir what could be the estimated cost of 3 story bulding in varanasi.

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Factor of safety for steel should be based on its yield stress or its ultimate stress and factor of safety for concrete should be based on its ultimate stress or its yield stress?


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how much extra rod length should be provided for beam

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Minimum no of bare in beam


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Minimum sizes of beam and coloumn


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How many Sqm can laid Vitrified tiles for flooring per day per masan?


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usually hand broken stones are used for cement concrete 1:4:8 in foundation of single /two story houses with a view of economy in construction.what advantages it will give if you use machine crushed stone in place?


what is the use of beam end forces while using a staad ? wha they are show


How do you compute moisture correction using the parameters gathered from Nuclear Density Gauge Apparatus and the moisture contents results from the lab.?


how to calculate the material from ratio of work PCC, RRM,POINTING, RCC


in a building why we are using T beams? why can i adopt beam bottom & Top level as same as slab bottom & Top level?


I have an span length 16 ft c/c


how much deduction will be in 32 mm dia HYSD steel bar for 45 and 90 degree bend


how many men days of loburs and masons are requirete for 1 cum,pcc (1:2:4),Pcc(1:3:6) and Pcc(1:4:8) thanking you


Currently my house construction is going on but we just realized that the portico earth beam couldn't connect with the original earth because the beam rod not extended so Please advice


As per IS 456 2000 Clause 16, table 11, page no. 30, it is written that acceptance strength of concrete is fck+4 for grade above M20. what is the meaning of " Mean of the group of 4 Non- overlapping consecutive test results"




20 mpa what is the quantity of cement sand and aggregate in one cubic meter of pcc non rainforcement concreate kindly answer including formaula thanks


5. Two long boundary walls run parallel to each other at a center to center distance of 1 meter apart. The width and height of the first wall are 0.30 m and 2.5m respectively. While those of the second are respectively 0.18m and 3.5m. Plot the distribution of vertical stress intensity due to walls on a horizontal plane, 1m below ground level. The walls have negligible depth of foundation and are made of brick masonry (y = 19.2 kN/m cu)


100mm block work 64 bags of cement used 150mm block work 286 bags of cement used 200mm block work 20 bags of cement used patly work (M15) 293 bags of cement used mortar ratio is 1:5 how to calculate volume of sand in cum & no. of bags


How much cement,sand,bricks and water needed for 1square metre brick work?