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what will happen if we pass electric current through rebars of RCC Slab(is there any strength reduction of concrete during this)??????????

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what will happen if we use milk or oil in the place of water in concrete??????????

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why the horizontal crack occoured in the joint between brick work and lintel?pls. give clarification???

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The difference between Centering & Shuttering is –––


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Mixing of cement, sand & stone chips with oil will not give strength because ––

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The relation between cube strength & cylinder strength because––

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Coarse aggregate & fine aggregates are called inert material when used in RCC work because------

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Middle point of any slab is raised 10-12 mm during shuttering work because––

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sir my site not availabele 12mm steel now if i use 10 mm how many spacing require for slab design slab thk 200mm footing, column,raft,wall how can calculate give me formula


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What are the methods to do a estimate.

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calculation of quantities of cement and sand in 1cum mortar with 1:6 ratio

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what are the differences between opc cement and ppc cement in applications?


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i am completed my EEE in 2009,,,iam trying the job 3+ for AUTO CAD (ELECTRICAL),, what is the market for autocad electrical in hyderabad... how to handle the intervws give some suggestions ?


how much of quantity of material required for execution of one cubic meter of random rubble masonry in 1:3 cement mortar


What is capicity of cap lock scffolding stander(vertical member) and ledger of different size?



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Hi all, please guide me about the volume. And percentage. Of steel fibre to be used. My project. Is Sifcon.


I just got a first job in Maharashtra and m a fresher. My task is estimate the cost of excavation of earth with J.C.B. can anyone tell me how to do this??


though u r a civil engineer, y r u interested in tcs???


how much is the maximum compressive strength of soil cement and soil-cement-microsilica .


Can we use concrete of slump cone in cube casting in which we have already measured slump?


What is the density of Fiber reinforced concrete and give me the which fibers we can use in Concrete?


plz drive the formula d2/162.162 for the calculation of weight of steel bars????


If we don't have drawing for Excavation of building,At what rule we will go for excavation and how much depth will go for a villa?


How to find CN by using arcgis 9.3?


pile load testing procedure


what happening if we casting HV shunt reactor foundation pad at 50cm height different time (One day difference)


rate analysis hiring of generator 62.5 KVA


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cement required for construction of 400mm*200mm*200mm concrete solid blocks for 1sq.mtrs,how?


what quantities of work done in terms of sq.mts/day/ of 8hrs for each varpenter (shuttering) and Steel fitter in terms of Tonnes. For slabs, Columns etc.?