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calculate the quantity of water for 1:6 cement mortar

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mix design procedure for 1:6 cement mortar


ratio of rcc 1:1.5:3 grade of concrete ,7days& 14&28 days after curing how much strength of compressive strength in rcc slab

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How many bags required for 1cum grouting?

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how many plastr work in one bag cement

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how much anti termite treatment( ATT) liter used in one sq mtr floar area? & what is ratio of ATT & water.

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what is your role of in previous company as a construction manager


An invisible line should intersect a visible line with

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What is Bearing Capacity of Soil? How will you calculate for a particular type of Soil?

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i am completed my EEE in 2009,,,iam trying the job 3+ for AUTO CAD (ELECTRICAL),, what is the market for autocad electrical in hyderabad... how to handle the intervws give some suggestions ?


how to determine the correctness of proportion used in cement mortor and various IS codes to determine the same?


IS code for grade of concrete for bamboo lintel????



what grade of concrete to be used for lintel when reinforced with bamboo in place of steel?????????

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If the design mix of M-30 grade concrete is 1:1.5:2.8 (By Weight)& W/C ratio is 0.45, then what should be the volumetric mix for the same ?

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in one SQM plaster how much Cement and sand consumed in ratio 1:4



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Rate analysis for construction of a solid block masonary of size 400x200x200 in C.M.1:5 in superstructure .Compressive strength 5.00 N/ Confirming to IS: 12894:1990, with necessary scaffolding, raking of joints and pointing the same. I require rate per Cum.


How to test cement,sand,20mmbluemetal,40mmbluemetal,bricks,concrete by visual and instrument


do we decide reinforcement steel , based on bending moment ? give example with continous slab?


how to caluclate sienerge qty in construction in ap


what is difference between GTS bench mark and temporary bench mark


what is the difference between np2 and np3 concrete mix


acceptance criteria for concrete works


I want to know the material required per Square foot in rcc roof i.e.Steel ,Cement,


Why reinforcement done in shorter span in two way slabs


design the irrigation canal(b,B,h )head is 3tms of water is supplied to the 200hectars of area and the base period crop is 150days dance to water travels as 35km.the canal section is trapezoidal and also calculate the slop the canal


how much required strength of cement concrete bricks(size 230x115x75mm)


How much the quantity of Dry material of Crush for 1:2:4 Concrete, using pan 3/8'' down....


beam length 73 feet 4 inch,width 01 feet,height 50 inch so every beam load how much? and what quantity of M.S ROD? both side ony two column in middle no column.pls inform me that this is stable or not ? and how much risk of this beam?


pile load testing procedure


What is the quantity of metal 1 & metal 2 to be used in 100 cft concrete?