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calculate the quantity of water for 1:6 cement mortar

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mix design procedure for 1:6 cement mortar


ratio of rcc 1:1.5:3 grade of concrete ,7days& 14&28 days after curing how much strength of compressive strength in rcc slab

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How many bags required for 1cum grouting?

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how many plastr work in one bag cement

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how much anti termite treatment( ATT) liter used in one sq mtr floar area? & what is ratio of ATT & water.

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what is your role of in previous company as a construction manager


An invisible line should intersect a visible line with

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What is Bearing Capacity of Soil? How will you calculate for a particular type of Soil?

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i am completed my EEE in 2009,,,iam trying the job 3+ for AUTO CAD (ELECTRICAL),, what is the market for autocad electrical in hyderabad... how to handle the intervws give some suggestions ?


how to determine the correctness of proportion used in cement mortor and various IS codes to determine the same?


IS code for grade of concrete for bamboo lintel????



what grade of concrete to be used for lintel when reinforced with bamboo in place of steel?????????

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If the design mix of M-30 grade concrete is 1:1.5:2.8 (By Weight)& W/C ratio is 0.45, then what should be the volumetric mix for the same ?

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in one SQM plaster how much Cement and sand consumed in ratio 1:4



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For The preparation of goverment examination Which book i will prefer and by which way i will do the preparation for exam.


How to Know that veriation acceptable in CPWD Work Of 1:6 Cement Mortor Received Lab test report.


What are the methods of measurement? Describe it shortly


What are the methods in tiles flooring ? What are the methods in brick work? What are the methods in plastering ? What are the methods in wall tiling?


what is the soil bearing capacity for a 5 floor multistorey residential building and which type of soil ? what is plinth beam? in wall load calculation center to center column distance is considered or not/


How we can calculate the cement, sand,bricks , water , quintity in 1:6 Ratio 1 cubic metre b/w and 1:4 Ratio in 1 Squre metre b/w????


what is the sequence of the activities in the typical under ground water tank including civil & MEP works.


why demand factor less then 1 ?


For removal of formwork of simply supported slab / beam from where to start the deshuttering? ( Max Bending moment of the simply supported beam is in the center hence is it required to start from the supports?)


in staad ,why we realease a moment of a member ? what is affect if we realease a moment


what is your role of in previous company as a construction manager


What is the cost of formwork for columns/beams/rcc walls also what is the cost of shuttering for roof slab at height of 25 feet


How much permissible bearing capacity requires for open footings(isolated) and what type pile foundatuon prefering for coastal areas?


what is the relation between pitch of steel and depth of slab?


What are the delays in construction projects due to approvals from owners? How can we analyze them in different prospective? Whats their affects and effects on presently going work?