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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is a exact size of a cube?

Green Concretex,

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Please let me know the quantity of steel required for 2600 square feet 6" thick roof slab of the house?

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in which code refer the change of reinforcement dia defer to drawing . i.e. 12mm dai into 16mm dia.

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M30 Grade Concrete unit weight

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what is assumption consumption of steel per m3 for raft

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what is pH value of sewage&water.if pH value is given then how to calculate H+.

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what are the proper pipes for salt water line



how much bags of cement will be in 1 cmt of having the ratio 1:3:6

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what is the difference between prime coat and tack coat in road construction


what does 1 in 30 or 1 in 40 mean when constructing camber in roads.


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what is anchorage length,lap length and (dont remember the last one)

Bhansali Group,


wheather Micro silica/silica fumes is an ad-mixture or accelerator.

Coastal Projects,

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How to calculate the compressive strength of 28 days of concrete where we have 7 days compressive strength?


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for columns reinforcement the lap length is not provided then how to rebar the rods then how rebar should be lapped

Nagarjuna Construction,

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what is the difference between lap length & development length of reinforcement steel bars

APGenco, Consolidated Construction Consortium Limited,

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I need Bhel engineertrainy test papers in civil engineering please send to email id -


What is difference between engineering stress and true stress?


I am a civil engineering student and going to attend interview in this week in an IT company.Will they ask me questions about my area of interest or cs


How much area, in square meters, will one liter of paint cover if it is brushed out to uniform thickness of 100 microns?


How to do base isolation using ETABS software?


The 4 main factors to start a construction project are––


Which are the Steel tests ?


what would be the design load of R.C.C Cooling tower per cell.?


how to clculate the %of concrete strenght achive after curing?load


what is tension column?


How to calculate quantity of cement , sand and granite from concrete mix ratio and volume of work


why should we use 20mm graded metal only in vrcc?why we shouldnot use 40mm metal?


Please send me the qunty. of mason/labour required in each day for different type of civil construction work?please send me ans. in my mail id is ( or here.


What do you mean by bond? What are the different types of bonds?


i am completed my EEE in 2009,,,iam trying the job 3+ for AUTO CAD (ELECTRICAL),, what is the market for autocad electrical in hyderabad... how to handle the intervws give some suggestions ?