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how many bricks in 1 one cubic meter?


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CROSS SLOPE OF Macadam Construction

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I want to know about rolling margin of steel :- For eg. If 2nos. bundle of 8mm dia steel with17 rods each of length 12m comes to store. During testing of 1m rod of each bundle it was found that 1rod has weight .405kg/m while other has .385kg/m. Now what will happen in case of steel payment and measurement payment ? Regards,


Pls. help. If a contract was awarded to a contractor in april 2012 with steel & cement base price as rs. 45/kg & 250/bag. Now in oct. 12 steel cement price becomes 55/kg & 290/ bag. How escalation will be calculated? Pls. tell complete calculation Regards,

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how can we calculate costing of a project per sqft/sqm

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what is the I.S. CODE of RCC


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What is the meaning of unit weight of cement?


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why we do multiply 1.54 for dry volume of concrete?


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why we providing 40mm cover to columns & 25mm to shear wall


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writte a c prog. to acept 5 no. from consule and then display them back on consulte in ascending order


How to Calculate in measurement RCC Colo um Spred design for Billing

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which has high compressive strength between hollow block and brick masonry?


How much quantity plaster area 100 sqf ,redho 1:6,plaster 15mm

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what is difference between bending and twisting

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how to convert sand from Cum to Brass

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Rate analysis of 150mm, 100mm, & 230mm thk BBM work


please what is the number of bars required for a column of 6mx6m and 450mmx300mm,its a commercial building (Church)


why we use 19x9x9and 20x10x10 but not other


How do You Maintain a structure after getting cube test of low strength.


What is thumb rule in quantity and cost estimation of a residential building in civil engineering??


detailed calculation of the amount of cement used?


What is thumb rule in quality and quantity estimation of a Residential building??


who to find building iron rod strenth


In tower foundation, on the time of 3 mtr pit RCC casting if water and mud is their surface of PCC then what will be do?


what"s the sort of beams?


flow of fluid takes place viscosity compressibilityu surface tension deformation under shear force


What is thumb rule in quantity and cost estimation of a residential building?


how to balance aggregate during mix design of concrete???? how to calculate moisture content like C/A,F/A and how many percentage using ice instead of water for example of we are preparing ice concrete??????


why should we use 20mm graded metal only in vrcc?why we shouldnot use 40mm metal?


to minimize budget cost of building , what can i do