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how many bricks in 1 one cubic meter?


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CROSS SLOPE OF Macadam Construction

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I want to know about rolling margin of steel :- For eg. If 2nos. bundle of 8mm dia steel with17 rods each of length 12m comes to store. During testing of 1m rod of each bundle it was found that 1rod has weight .405kg/m while other has .385kg/m. Now what will happen in case of steel payment and measurement payment ? Regards,


Pls. help. If a contract was awarded to a contractor in april 2012 with steel & cement base price as rs. 45/kg & 250/bag. Now in oct. 12 steel cement price becomes 55/kg & 290/ bag. How escalation will be calculated? Pls. tell complete calculation Regards,

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how can we calculate costing of a project per sqft/sqm

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what is the I.S. CODE of RCC


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What is the meaning of unit weight of cement?


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why we do multiply 1.54 for dry volume of concrete?


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why we providing 40mm cover to columns & 25mm to shear wall


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writte a c prog. to acept 5 no. from consule and then display them back on consulte in ascending order


How to Calculate in measurement RCC Colo um Spred design for Billing

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which has high compressive strength between hollow block and brick masonry?


How much quantity plaster area 100 sqf ,redho 1:6,plaster 15mm

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what is difference between bending and twisting

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how to convert sand from Cum to Brass

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how to calculate detail quantity of bricks and mortar for 500 cu.ft masonry work. consider wall thickness 9 inches


step by step procedure to find out the percentage of steel in coloum,beam,slab,footing in detailed


How to calculate the area in squarefeets ?How much area of sqft for this measurements?East 53.3ft West 54ft North 47.7ft South 51.1ft ?


can i get hindi version of is codes based on civil engineering?


it is a corrected question." make a list of engineering property(properties) of soil.


how many shuttering material required for 1000 sq.m built up area.


In earth work 1300 cum soil how to calculate how many liters require in water


what is mean by c32/40s concrete class


density of crush sand & crush stone or grit powder


How to calculate sand , cement quantity for 23mm thk brick work(10x10)


why we are useing plastic under the lean concrete?and whts the advantage?


in one hour , one 200 excavator , how much quantity (mcube)can load ? soil is not hard not soft


reinforcement slab, beam and column formulas?


In cement concrete how to check a quality of material also proportion of material at site ?


silt%= silt volume/ silt+sand volume is this right?