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what is mean by design concrete


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Define Chimney in Thermal power plant?

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What is the formulae of percentage of steel

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What is the neutral axis depth factor formula

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In 1:2:4 ratio how much kgs of cement,fine&coarse aggregates to be used 1cu.m


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How to find weight of 1cu.m concrete in varies grades? and giive calculation.

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What goals do you have in your career?

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how can we calculate the amount of concrete in trapezoidal footing?

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Why we do soil classification?

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How much used for sand per square meter in 12mm Thickness

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i need the how much materials are needed for cubic feet of concrete?

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how much cement consumption in 1 sqmt of wall cleading work (dedo)?

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If concrete fails in cube strength as well as non distactive test? what to do? for example grade of concrete is M35, cube strength is 26.1 n/mm2 after 28 days and non districtive test strength is 28.1 n/mm2 after 28 days. i am not distroying the rcc memeber.

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What is the order of MIX Design of concrete? a)Cement :Stone:Sand b)Cement :Fine aggregate :Coarse Aggregate?

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what is the proedure to do soundness test in cement? What is the maening of soundness? Why we do it for cement?

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where can i get the previous question papers for rrb section enginerr (civil)


In Rcc ratio calculation I wanted to know quantity of Steel also.


how to create our resume?


what is the design procedure for building


how to calculate testing date


how much cement and sand required for 1cum rr masonry


What is high adherence steel bar? I have a general specification which refers to High Adherence steel bars, coils and meshes to BS EN 10080 and BS 4449 or BS 4483. Is this just general re-bar or is there something different about it? The spec originated in France.


primary treatment of sewagw consist of removal of floating materials removal of sand & grit removal of organic materials all above


One plate (women civil worker lifting Plate - Satti) sand measures how many cubic feet?


crank types


if mineral admixture add into concrete then what is the differences between full cement concrete & fly ash added concrete of their SP. Gr.?and for the changes of SP. Gr. what is the changes in concrete


In cement concrete how to check a quality of material also proportion of material at site ?


sir when can we expect the AEE results and when will be the interviews sheduled please guide us in this regard thanking you


Please tell me vasthu room sizes. Thanks.


who to find building iron rod strenth