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what is mean by design concrete


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Define Chimney in Thermal power plant?

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What is the formulae of percentage of steel

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What is the neutral axis depth factor formula

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In 1:2:4 ratio how much kgs of cement,fine&coarse aggregates to be used 1cu.m


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How to find weight of 1cu.m concrete in varies grades? and giive calculation.

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What goals do you have in your career?

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how can we calculate the amount of concrete in trapezoidal footing?

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Why we do soil classification?

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How much used for sand per square meter in 12mm Thickness

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i need the how much materials are needed for cubic feet of concrete?

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how much cement consumption in 1 sqmt of wall cleading work (dedo)?

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If concrete fails in cube strength as well as non distactive test? what to do? for example grade of concrete is M35, cube strength is 26.1 n/mm2 after 28 days and non districtive test strength is 28.1 n/mm2 after 28 days. i am not distroying the rcc memeber.

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What is the order of MIX Design of concrete? a)Cement :Stone:Sand b)Cement :Fine aggregate :Coarse Aggregate?

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what is the proedure to do soundness test in cement? What is the maening of soundness? Why we do it for cement?

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what is w/c ratio in dry lean concrete for m10 mix design


what is c4x light weight cement blocks


for 200 kg of cement how is the mix proportion in kg for m25 grade of concrete


what should be the deduction for bend in stirrups while calculating cutting length? Is it 1 dia at each bend?


how many spacers we need for 1 ton reinforcement? aprox.


What ingredients with% found in ppc cement??


which type of test carrying on the cement & why


Doul Bar reinforcement and details of drawing.


pls tell me , what is the water content


what is difference between NP2 NP3 NP4 CONCRETE HUME PIPES USED AT SITE


I have completed building maintenance course in mcvc stream .. can I apply for the post of " sthapstya abhiyantriki sahayyak"?


how the calculation occurs if i want to mix 1cum of M50 concrete. please calculate every ingredients with detail calculation.


difference between trapezoidal and pedestal footing and how the load acts on that


Which is the indian standard code of line out. ? How much tolerance fot 1 mt lenght? Its challenge....