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1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 - 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 x 0 = answer??? pzl tell the rite answer ??

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Though Column is a compression member and concrete takes compression, why we use steel at column ?

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if the slab is 2 way then,where we will put lapping upper and lower side?means near to beam or center and near to center?

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what is relation between SPT N value and driving piles after conducting a soil test?


why steel is used in r.c.c why steel is used in r.c.c

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what ratio of cement and sand we used for making cover

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calculate qty of sand in 15 mm plaster for 100 sqm.

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kindly tell me name of a book to calculate bbs?

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how do you stabilize a waterlogged area in road construction


how to find out hard strata in bored pile when the DMC method adopted.

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How much of the strength of concrete comes from post- production curing?

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Any body tell me how can we calculate 1m3 quantity of cement sand aggregrate in kg.

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Need help in designing a degasser tower for 2m3/hr DM plant, also send me the formulae used


what is grid line? why are we provided small dia reinforcemen in slab against beam n column?

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what is zone a n zone b?why the spacing of ring in zone a less.n zone b high?


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what is the weight of 6000 psi concrete in lb/cft?


what is the design procedure for building


I want to know how much the lapping length for the pilecap reinforcement.. we r using single pile cap which is 24mby54m and 2.5m depth.. total 91piles are supporting the pile cap.. how to do a steel reinforcement??


What is the cost of shuttering per Sqm.? How it is calculate by thumb rule...?


I am doing a engineering contract with GOI. I have purchased certain material from outside Maharashtra and paid CST on that material @ 5.25%. Please intimate whether I will be liable for VAT or VAT on works contract or not.


how do i remedy a foundatiom that the column bases was cast and aftet 28days crushing the conprehensive strength of the concrete fall below the specification 25N/mm2


what is raft foundation


for 16mm thick cement plastring 1:6 on 100 Sq.m.New brick work,the quantity of cement required is.


For Wet Mix Mecadam design what is Optimum moisture content


though u r a civil engineer, y r u interested in tcs???


what is the formula to find the diagonal shape stirrups?


Curvature ki quantity kaise nikalte hai pls give me ans... curvature canal ka hai


How will you reduce the concrete flow after mixing the concrete


what is the water-cement ratio of mix design while 30mpa in 7 days?


How good are the Weinerberger Porotherm bricks that are being used in construction in Chennai, India. Its being used in non load bearing walls and has a compressive strength greater that 35 kg/cm^2 and a density of approx.694 - 783 kg/m3.