Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the rate of earthwork excavation?

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Allowable wastage for ready mix concrete?


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what is a civil enggineer ?


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numerical example of solving water cement ratio

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how to do rate analysis for P.C.C 1:4:8 for 2.83cum(100cft)

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suppose we have a tendency to make a hole on the surface of the beam, than where we goes to make it?

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What should be the size (Cubic meter) of a water tank for 1000 Ltrs. capacity?

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how 1.52 factor comes while calculating no of bags of cement...from 1:2:4 design mix?

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uses of M50 and M60 grade ordinary and pozzolona portland cement concrete?

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What is the zero value in quantity surveying



what is tacheometry?


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What are the different types of piles?


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what is the grade of concrete?

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can any body tell me that we stdy different grades of concrete $ their strength . as we knot the strength of conrete that this grade or ratio of concrete has this much strength ? even that we go for labortory test what is reason behind that?

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stub column means

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Suppose you planning to paint newly fabricated workshop building made of structural steel of 10 tons total mass. How many litters paint primer for 1 coat and 2 coat of top coat?


what should be the PCC ratio to construct a plinth of (40x40x4)ft...??also its estimated cost??


what is raft foundation


how to shuttering is used in slab


4. Differentiate between NC and OC soils. Draw curves for (i) Stress vs Strain (ii) Volume charge vs Strain (iii) Pore pressure vs Strain for these soils


how we can find sieve #4 is 4.75mm?


why is the column design?


Actually i am confused that how to calculate the bending moment for a semi-circular beam and curved slab.If any one have a good idea about the matter,please give the answer with a suitable example. Thank you......


What is type failure of road surface? how to repair the failure of road surface?


how to take the quantity of block work and plastering  1block price:3saudi riyal cement:1bag:15 saudi riyal sand:3bag:20 saudi riyal 1mason:9hour per hour 40 saudi riyal 1labour:9hour per hour 40 saudi riyal can anybdy calculate


what is the procedure involved in preparing mix design of m15 grade as per IS-10262-1982


strength of bitumen concrete with 80-100 & 60-70 grade bitumen


Aptitude, reasoning, quants, verbal and technical question


estimate quanitity of bricks(19x9x9cm without mortar), cement & sand in 10feet X 10feet wall ?


what is education Cess.