Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the rate of earthwork excavation?

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Allowable wastage for ready mix concrete?


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what is a civil enggineer ?


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numerical example of solving water cement ratio

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how to do rate analysis for P.C.C 1:4:8 for 2.83cum(100cft)

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suppose we have a tendency to make a hole on the surface of the beam, than where we goes to make it?

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What should be the size (Cubic meter) of a water tank for 1000 Ltrs. capacity?

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how 1.52 factor comes while calculating no of bags of cement...from 1:2:4 design mix?

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uses of M50 and M60 grade ordinary and pozzolona portland cement concrete?

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What is the zero value in quantity surveying



what is tacheometry?


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What are the different types of piles?


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what is the grade of concrete?

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can any body tell me that we stdy different grades of concrete $ their strength . as we knot the strength of conrete that this grade or ratio of concrete has this much strength ? even that we go for labortory test what is reason behind that?

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stub column means

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can you give me the details of rate analysis of steel and concrete?


In Abutment walls (A1 side) why we are adopting fixed bearing (POT-PTFE)?


From where the relationship of target strength comes in mix design(graph)


if i used salt as a add mixture in concrete, then what will happen and what are the naturally available add mixtures.


what radial pressure, the NP2 class rcc pipe can sustain?


50 acre of land to be reclaimed for an average height of 2.5 mt. Dredging area is 500mx200m size. what is the dredging depth required to reclaim the area?


the volume of cement req for 70cum of brickwork in 1:6 cement mortar is approx is equal to 3cum 5cum 7cum 1ocum


what's the formula for calculate pcc for matt(45mm aggregate)?


why is M25 and Fe 500 assumed to be most economical? i feel it is not.This is because higher grade of concrete and steel has higher lapping length and anchorage length compared to lower grades..


i need the syllabus for the direcr recruitement of executive engineers in andhrapradesh


What is the diameter of the 3"inch nails?


what is diversion?


Suppose you planning to paint newly fabricated workshop building made of structural steel of 10 tons total mass. How many litters paint primer for 1 coat and 2 coat of top coat?


Bearing capacity of soil determined as per ASTM is to design the foundation size.what is the importance of EV1/EV2 value as per DIN .My consultant ask me to test the the soil as per din to find out this ratio to assess the compacted strength of soil ,,?? is it meaning full ??


types of laps in column