Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the difference in Cement content for M-20 Concrete if y ou use OPC & PPC? What is the difference in the Curing Period?

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what is SPLICES & where it is used?????????????

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Explain mechanism of fatigue failure.


What does Magnetic Neutral Axis

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what is mathematical relation between ac to dc current how will convert Iac=50amp to Idc

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why we use 4-20 mA for calibration of the instruments.why we cant use 0-20 mA?

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why output is out of phase in case of common emitter?


What is mean by vector group? For what purposes we doing vector group test in transformers?

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whow we find out dc motor field aur armature resistance

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how to make aeroplane?


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how many types erthig

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What is the substitute of Mastic Asphalt?


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why oil lift in screw chiller during change of climate.



why we do not megger to motor under system is very high vaccum condition. and what is the tempreture of vaccum conditon



How much KVAr bank reqired for 630 KVA transformer on full load for maintain power factor upto.99

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Un-Answered Questions { Engineering }

cement, sand, aggregate,reinforcement & concrete consumption per square feet in multi storeyed building


Is the output power different from input power.?  rated input voltage” Is that the voltage we give to the driver or the voltage which comes out from the driver?


Best way to measure the Soil resistance of rocky soil, three probe method and four probe method


3phase motor can be used as a Prime mover for alternator.


What will happen if you blow the soot in the boiler?


why lightning arrestor are made in two stack of insulator but why not cvt


Why we use 4 - 20 ma?


Is the stealth technology is based on the "Reflection coefficient of the material? What are the other factors that affect to optimize this technology


sir,iam applied rrb chennai for the post of junier engineer,i need objective type question book,please refer the suitable book,author and publication.


Either the Armoured Earthing strip of HT 3 core cable have to pass through CB CT or not , why ???


We are facing the problem of communication failure between seimens drives and ABB DCS. Between drives and DCS on RLM -01 module for communication purpose. We found red blinking i.e error blinking in RLM -o1 module. So we replaced with new one but after one month same problem again came. So again we installed old RLM-01 module. Now also RED blinking is coming but sometimes drives are not tripping. What will be the cause for this problem?


I have Completed my diploma in Electronics in year 2009.I got low score in TOEFL.SO what should i do to get the visa...I am confident that I will get the visa..But probable chances for getting visa....and i also got I20 and paid Visa interview fees.....


What happens when too much cylinder oil is injected in the working cylinder?


what is buffer solution?


the typical output of a solar cell is........