Engineering Interview Questions
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Always declare destructors to be virtual"?????? why this is so needed?????



what is the logical concrete mix design for M 30 Grade and the cement consumption per M3

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concrete mix design for M 30 Grade


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hi,every one, i have to write the search paper on "performance policy optimization" of NGN (next generation networks). i need the material on this topic. can any body help me. please tell me any useful site where the good material is available and name of any reference book. it should be a great help for me.


1.what is bus cuplour and main funtions. 2.what is main function of alternator. many types of dg oils.


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what is the meaning of TPN

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what is SMDB

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what is TPN

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33kv substation lay out details & line to line & line to earth measurements


how the shockwave produced in aerofoil,and actually what happen that region? i want deep explaination

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How many types of transformers are there? How does it works?

Shine Construction, ONGC,

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Why did you choose to be an civil engineering

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I am not sure about the syllabus of the BHEl esam for the post of Engineer trainee so I want to know it and also send me model question papers



What is a roll of a adopter pannel in buscoupler pannel????

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what is the essential resistance of r y b phase short citcuit ? Eg in star connection we doing this kind of short circuit oly


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If we need 4c× 50mm sq cable but it's not available so we can pull 4c×25mm sq two cables?


Discuss-Toga & stola.


what are the best institutes in hyd for groups


Explain what made you choose aerospace engineer line as your career?


water leak detection system question & answer


how can we find thae value of capacitor for single phase motor. what is difference between starting capacitor and running capacitor.


how to calculate the length diamond shaped striupps in column


What kind of pipes are used for steam lines?


What is power dissipation?


i done m.e communication system degree. i like to study new degree. which course is to choose. i selected applied psychology, e&i. is this suitable for me or say some suggestion to do some course.


Explain the use of fbus protocol?


Why CBCT rating is 50/1A


1- XC and the RC time constant are both measures of the reaction of C to a change in ____? 2-The power factor is a numerical ratio with a value between 0 and 1 equal to the ______________ of the phase angle. 3-When V and I are out of phase because of reactance, the product of V times I is called ______________ power 4-For _____________ inductors, the branch currents can be added algebraically. 5- The ______________ power in watts can be calculated as I^2R 6-Calculate XL with L = 30mH and f = 1kHz ( I have Xl=2piFL 2*3.141592653*1kHz*30mH =188 ohms Please check) 7-A parallel RL circuit has the values, R = 5kohms, XL = 5kohms. A voltage source of Vt = 10Vrms is connected in parallel to R and L. Determine the total current, It delivered by the voltage source Vt. 8-A series RC circuit has R = 1Mohm and C = 1microF. How long would it take for the capacitor to fully discharge if it is initially fully charged? 9-A circuit has real power = 300W and an apparent power of 500VA. Determine the power factor and phase angle. 10-The time constant for an LR series circuit is T = 0.1s and R = 10ohms. Calculate the inductance L.


What do you mean by honeycomb in concrete?


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