Engineering Interview Questions
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How to calculate sand,cement for 1:5ratio brick masonary

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what is the difference between rccb and elcb?

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Why is it that bus reactors are not accompanied by a neutral grounding reactor whereas a line shunt reactor is? PGCIL does so.

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What would be the quantity of cement:Sand:Aggregate (1:2:4) requirement for slab casting measuring 1mtr x 1mtr x 0.10 mtr (4 inches)?

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Transformer rating=> 15/20 MVA.Why there are two raings? What should be the rating of the fuse at the secondary if the voltage level is 13.8KV/4.16KV?


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can we control operation of PLC from operator station?

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what is the reason for connecting hvdc monopolar line with negative conductors


On what principle the sonar/ radar works

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why to use 50hz only in tansmisson and as well as in distribution why not60hz?

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how many pulses are required by a ac induction servo motor of 4 poles with 50 Hz frequency to rotate by 1 degree?

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what is the exact difference between zener breakdown voltage and avalanche voltage??


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In a overhead system why the voltage between line &ground is taken for basic comparison ?and in case of underground cables the comparison take only by the voltage between cables?


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how dc generator produce voltage initially?


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There is a toy train that can make 10 musical sounds. It makes 2 musical sounds after being defective. What is the probability that same musical sound would be produced 5 times consecutively? ( 1 of _____) ?


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what will affect low density aggregates on concrete wt?

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tell me a unforgettable incident? which u never forget in ur life?


what is far pointer?


what's the activities in your job?


How to reduce -234126219.6403 MVAr generation and by what?


pls send me interview question paper with answer of EIL/AAI/UPSC/RPSC because i am doing prepration of compitation exam of UPSC for the Asst. Executive Engineer


What are the KPI that decides the capacity expansion of SGSN/MME?


who is the judge in case of the auditor has raised an NCR against an auditee? who should decide weather this NCR is acceptable and the auditee has to accept?


Can anyone send me iocl written test paper fro computer engineers


There are Two questions about Steam Turbine Generator... What is HRSG bypass of LP, HP used for in power generation? In particualar, in the event that fault of HP bypass, there would be STG TRIP in operation but none on the LP bypass fault...what's the reason ?


what is a power factor?


Distributed control system


2. In a container filled with each of the following materials, at a porosity of 40%, determine the upward gradient required to cause the quick condition (a) Lead shot with a G = 13.75; (b) Fibre beads with G = 2.15; (c) Sand with a G = 2.32


How many years you are having experience in supervising others in lab environment?


what is the stear deltaprinceple?


what is the difference between ups & inverter