Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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why sucrose is used for polarimeter calibration

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why 0.005 M sulphuric acid is used to calbrate spectrophotometer and why caffiene is used for calibrating hplc

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why we use caffeine for hplc calibration?


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what is polarity and how to calculate

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How to calculate the maximum loaded sample concentration in HPLC column?

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What is the difference between HPLC and GC?

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Why linearity of detector performed in HPLC calibration

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how to start the method development of Dissolution and related substances.


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what is the criteria for choosing capillary column in GC??is it dependent on sample load?

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When we calculate Impurity against impurity std.solution and when we calculate impurity against diluted standard with applying RRF?

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What is discriminating media? How can u justify/select that which media (pH etc...)is suitable for your dissolution study of your compound?

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What is the difference between Discriminating media and DPDM(Dissolution Profile with Different Media)



How can I develope method of dissolution by HPLC OR UV


Give me details about dissolution , with name ?


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As per USP what is RSD limit of volumteric solution of three replicate analysis


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How to choose the which salt is suitable for mobilephase


How to check hplc detecter sensitivity?


how to get accurate result for Residue on evaporation in purified water


Which type of column should i use to check the purity of high molecular weight protein using HPLC reverse phase column chromatography? Hi everyone. I wanna to check the purity of high molecular weight protein (collagen) with MW of ~130 kDa using a HPLC. I know C18


How to calculate coreletion coefficient


cefoperozone and sulbactam inj. hplc test method


can we use the same detector in HPLC as well GC and what could be the differences we can find in the final chromato graph in any aspects?


which one is better separation in high pressure liquide chromatogram orlowpressure chromato gram in hplc


What is stray light in uv what are units for stray light


What is gelatinization?


What is aggregate and fragments in SEC?


How to do regeneration of Metacarb Pb plus column?


what is peak purity and its formula


For standardization of volumetric solutions, acceptance limit for concentration is considered as 10% of nominal concentration and %RSD as NMT 0.2% (for appropriate no. of replicates). But , if %RSD has not met, what should be further action?


what is definition of validation? which components are followed give detail?