Bio Chemistry Interview Questions
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what are gangliosides?where they are found?


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what is reichert-meissl number?


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what r the two hormones secreted by adrenal medulla?

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how bile pigments are synthesised?

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What are the characteristics of an enzyme?


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What is 'polymerase chain reaction'?

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What are antibodies?

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wwhat are haemoglobin buffer systems ?explain them?

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what is the difference between stereo and optical isomerism?

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explain the procedure of kilani cyanohydrin synthesis?

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can you explain the mechanism of muta rotation?

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what is the difference between conformation and configuration?

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whhat is the chemical composition of fehling's reagent?


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what are the steps involved in the formation of osazone from glucose?

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what r artificial sweeteners?

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What are the drawbacks of tissue slices technique?


mutarotation is observed when phenol and pyridine both are present but phenol or pyridine alone cannot show mutarotation-explain why?


why we use 96 well plate in ELISA plate reader?


How much empty space is found in globular proteins?


A 3.00 * 10-6M solution in a 1.0 cm cuvette read 16 % T at 620nm. What were the absorbance and the molar absorbancy index of the solution?


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can i used antimony potassium tartrate against potassium tartrate in Fehling B solution ?


"Tell me about a job that you found particularly satisfying. What did you like about it?


how I cell disease is caused?


I understand that urine can act as a reagent to break disulfide bonds? I am particularly interested in bonds between cysteines. and or any other amino acids.


does glucagon secretion induce sleep in teenagers?why?


Hi, I am venkat. I am done with M.Sc Medical Biochemistry in the year 2007. I got rejected 3 times at US consulate, and the reason they say is why are you going agian for PG when you have already done PG, and they are not ready to get convinced only on this issue.


Why are free cysteines treated with iodoacetate prior to protein sequencing?


What are species grow in waitland?


How is the actual free energy change for a process related to the standard free energy change?