Bio Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is the chemical composition of auxin b?

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explain the phenomenon of bolting?

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what is the chemical formula of kinetin?

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what are the effects shown by morphactins on plants?

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what are the symptoms of the disease phrynoderma?

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name the two analogues of vitamin "k" ?

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how vitamin c is synthesised?

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what are the principles involved in thin layer chromatography?

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what is the difference in the aminoacid sequence in normal haemoglobin and sickle cell anaemic person?


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what is ninhydrin reaction?how it is useful?

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what is PHOSGENE?what is the importance of it?

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what is ramachandran plot?what r its applications?

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what are the structural differences between alpha keratin and collagen?


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how haemoglobin acts as an allosteric protein?

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what is niemann-pick disease and what are the disease symptoms?


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mutarotation is observed when phenol and pyridine both are present but phenol or pyridine alone cannot show mutarotation-explain why?


How are coupled reactions used in biochemistry?


Which organ and subcellular site are most important for fatty acid biosynthesis?


A 3.00 * 10-6M solution in a 1.0 cm cuvette read 16 % T at 620nm. What were the absorbance and the molar absorbancy index of the solution?


What are the structures of the products of this reaction, and how are they identified?


what is familiar hypercholesterolemia?


What are the drawbacks of tissue slices technique?


Why are right-handed helices more stable than left-handed helices?


Describe the environment where you do your best work in an organization?


What are hydrophobicity scales, and how are they used?


Two children have a neurological disorder. When cells from the two patients were fused to form heterokaryons containing nuclei from both patients and cultured, the cells displayed normal metabolism. Cells from either patient exhibited abnormal metabolism when cultured separately.what does these results indicate?


Calculate the molar extinction coefficient of a solution containing 5 *10-4 g litre-1 of a biomolecule, molecular weight 275 g mol-1, and absorbance 0.75 in a 1.2 cm cuvette.


I understand that urine can act as a reagent to break disulfide bonds? I am particularly interested in bonds between cysteines. and or any other amino acids.


why ph is not more than 14?


Compare and contrast feedback inhibition and enzyme repression?