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what is the difference between stereo and optical

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what is the difference between stereo and optical isomerism?..

Answer / sahithi

Stereo isomers have the same molecular formula and the same
structure but differ in spatial configuration.
stereo isomers are of 2 types.geometrical and optical

optical isomerism is part of stereo isomerism.
optical isomers differ from each other in the position of
various atoms or groups of atoms in space around the
asymmetric carbon atom.
these are the mirror images of each other.
for ex glyceraldehyde has only one asymmetric carbon and it
exists in 2 isomerc forms i.e D and L forms.

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what is the difference between stereo and optical isomerism?..

Answer / vipul panchal

stereo isomers r d one which has same molecular formula but differ in the spatial arrangement of their substituent gp.

Optical isomers r d one which differ in their way to rotate the plane of polarized light depending on which they categorized as d and l.

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