Bio Chemistry Interview Questions
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What is cellobiose what are its important properties?

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What are the hormones secreted from Crustaceans?

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What is the use of sephadex in ion exchange chromatography?

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What are the drawbacks of tissue slices technique?


What is zone electrophoresis?


What are angiotensins?

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What is nanotechnology?

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which vitamins participate in co-enzyme form in reactions of Tricarboxylic acid cycle?

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what will happen to amixture of monomeric alpha and beta chains of haemoglobin at neutral ph and at 25 degree centigrade?

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Which organ and subcellular site are most important for fatty acid biosynthesis?


Which organ and subcellular site are most important for fatty acid biosynthesis?


Two children have a neurological disorder. When cells from the two patients were fused to form heterokaryons containing nuclei from both patients and cultured, the cells displayed normal metabolism. Cells from either patient exhibited abnormal metabolism when cultured separately.what does these results indicate?


When a forensics laboratory tests evidence collected at the scene of a crime using the "DNA Fingerprinting" technique, what are the technicians comparing?

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What determines whether a B-cell will respond to an antigen?

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Why does physical exertion increase symptoms of poisoning by trematol?


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Why is the t-butyloxycarbonyl protecting group such a good choice for amino acid synthesis?


What type of column is generally used to separate amino acids from each other?


what is familiar hypercholesterolemia?


How are free energy changes related to enthalpy changes and entropy changes?


DNA binding by proteins with the helix-turn-helix (HTH) motif does not involve a) altered stacking of the DNA at the center of symmetry. b) hydrogen bonds, salt bridges, and van der Waals contacts. c) interactions with base pairs in the major groove of DNA. d) interactions with the sugar-phosphate backbone of DNA.


why we use 96 well plate in ELISA plate reader?


What is the structural formula of molybdenum blue?


Which vitamins participate, in coenzyme form, in reactions of the tricarboxylic acid cycle?


How does a random coil differ from an irregularly structured region?


How are free energy, equilibrium and spontaneity related to each other?


Why are right-handed helices more stable than left-handed helices?


What factors are involved in determining the electrophoretic mobility of a molecule?


what are the steps involved in the calibration of HPLC


Calculate the molar extinction coefficient of a solution containing 5 *10-4 g litre-1 of a biomolecule, molecular weight 275 g mol-1, and absorbance 0.75 in a 1.2 cm cuvette.


How do peptides react with cyanogen bromide?