Bio Chemistry Interview Questions
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how bpg acts as a haemoglobin regulator?

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what are the genetic defects in urea cycle?

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what was the actual reaction happening during sullivan test?

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what is lactam-lactim tautomerism?

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what is turn over number?


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what is the special isoprene rule?

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Explain RS notation of isomers?

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Mention the amino acids with positively charged R groups?

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What are the biological activities played by Peptides?

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What is the difference between myoglobin and haemoglobin in the sequence of poly peptides?

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What is the importance of siderophilin?

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What is the phenomenon of salting-in effect?

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What is the product formed when aminoacid reacts with benzaldehyde?

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What is meant by non-conjugated double bond system?

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What is the difference between Phospholipids and phosphosphingosides?

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What do you like LEAST & MOST about your current position?


Why does physical exertion increase symptoms of poisoning by trematol?


I have given the protocol for the cyclodextrin glygosyl transferase assay: One ml of appropriately diluted enzyme sample was incubated at 60 °C for 15 min with 5 ml of 1% (w/v) gelatinized soluble starch in 50 mM, 7.0-pH Tris–HCl buffer. Reaction was terminated by boiling the reaction mixture for 3 min and reaction volume was made to 10 ml with distilled water. Two ml of above reaction mixture was withdrawn and mixed with 3 ml of Tris–HCl buffer, 5 ml of 125 mM Na2CO3, and 0.5 ml of phenolphthalein (25 mg phenolphthalein/100 ml absolute alcohol). Absorbance was measured at 550 nm. The percent decrease of sample was calculated with respect to control containing 5 ml of buffer, 5 ml of sodium carbonate and 0.5 ml of phenolphthalein. where Acontrol = absorbance of control and Atest = absorbance of sample. The amount of β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) produced was estimated from the standard graph of 0–500 μg/ml β-CD concentration against % decrease in absorbance. One unit of CGTase was defined as the amount of enzyme required to produce 1 μm of β-CD/min. Please can you suggest me the formula for the defination given in the last line


what is your aspiration in profession/ career?


Two children have a neurological disorder. When cells from the two patients were fused to form heterokaryons containing nuclei from both patients and cultured, the cells displayed normal metabolism. Cells from either patient exhibited abnormal metabolism when cultured separately.what does these results indicate?


How are reaction rates dependent upon free energy changes?


Which organ and subcellular site are most important for fatty acid biosynthesis?


Describe the environment where you do your best work in an organization?


which fat soluble vitamin has co-enzymic function?


Why is the t-butyloxycarbonyl protecting group such a good choice for amino acid synthesis?


What is the structural formula of molybdenum blue?


why life span of RBC IS GREATER THEN THE WBC?


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What are species grow in waitland?


What are the structures of the products of this reaction, and how are they identified?