Biological Sciences Interview Questions
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Who identified the Lytic Pnenomenon in Bacterial Cultures?,

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What are Interferons?,

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What are CDRs?, Aurobindo,

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What are Hybridomas?,

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What is the function of Restriction enzymes?,

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Nucleoids are stained with which stain?,

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What are Merodiploids?,

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What is enrichment culture?,

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What is heat shock response?

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What are Transpoons?,

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What is Antimicrobial index?

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What are Spheroplasts?

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What is Lytic cycle?

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What are Frame shift mutations?,

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What is gene conversion?


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Un-Answered Questions { Biological Sciences }

Why does physical exertion increase symptoms of poisoning by trematol?


How to prepare serum from plasma?


What is considered a fruit?


why is dispersal necessacry


What is the HIV-1 Gag primer sequence ?


what are ATP lowering agents?


Describe Telomerase Activity ?


Give an account on plasmid screeening?


Explain how the rings on a tree trunk can tell you the age of the tree and What is that branch of botany called?


How to isolate prokaryotic mRNA


Give five examples each of plants that have lateral and that have fiberous roots?


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can u give me an example of a project you were involved with that illustrates your interest and skills in bringing people together?


1. do you like your job 2. How long does it take you to be one 3. How is interacting with the animals 4. What do you like better whales or dolphins you think your job is important v 6. when did you first realize you wanted to be a marine biologist? 7. how many hours do you generally work in a week 8. what is your greatest memory as a marine biologist your opinion what is the greatest thing in being a marine biologist 10. do you specialize in any area? if so what 11. what is a typical day in your career you travel a lot. 13. what school subjects would help you for this career. 14.what kind of species do you work with 15. do you like the people your work with


The village of Oblong has 400 normally-shaped residents. Transferrin is an iron carrier found in blood, and electrophoretic variation of this protein is determined by an autosomal codominant system. The citizens of Oblong were typed for their transferrin complements. The distribution of transferrin phenotypes was: 100 CC, 100 CD, and 200 DD. What is the frequency of the C allele?