Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is test report?? du u;ve written any test reports


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what tests U'll do when u r doing web testing

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u posted a bug with screenshots and steps to reproduce but still the developer is not accepting this is a bug. in dev system it is not reporducing . how u'll convince he developer? (if the developer is in india or onsite(give the answer for both the cases)

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What is the difference between System Testing and Functionality Testing?

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What is the difference between System Testing and Functionality Testing?


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What is User Acceptance testing and when u'll do this and who will do this testing. If u got any bug while doing UAT what would be the status of Severity and Priority?


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what are the contents of a test plan?


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In first version of the build i found a bug . I report it to my developers with all the procedures and that was accepted by the developers and the bug was in open state. In the next version of the build the bug was not able to reporduce it .Then wat will be the status of that bug


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If one testcase takes 24hours to execute.what will be the status u will be giving to it?and wht u will report to ur TL?I mean to say will u include the above testcase or exclude it?plz suggest me with the exjact answer.


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i want to write testing cerification. can anyone plz help how to go through. how to prepare for the exam and how i have to apply.

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what do you mean by documentation testing

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what is the main difference between high and low level design in sdlc

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what is the roles and responsibilities of qa manager

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can any one of u give templates for test plan and test strategy

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on what basis low,medium,high,critical will be assigned to a bug.give m examples

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is it necessary to write neagtive test cases for each and every field


How would u test and automate an Antivirus application ?


what is acid testing?


How to do security implementation for any URL??


What were the major challenges u faced while testing


What is the Difference between Network testing and Web Testing?


How can write testcases on a code under development pls give asnwer


what is the general pattern of explanation of projects in interview, can u ans me plz.......... ex: online banking application


How do you test for the coockies for a web application?


Why do you need to parameterize fields in your virtual user script?


what is date field test case


Can anyone write test cases on google account creation page in the testing template format , urgent pls and explain if possible how to execute also


what is system testing? as test eng, what do u do in sys testing? who invoves in sys testing?


There is an opening in our organization Sierra Atlantic, Hyderabad. All Manual test engineers with 2-3 years of experience can forward your resumes to before May 01, 2008. (Only manual testers) with a covering letter, current CTC and Expected CTC.


What are the possible test scenarios around AVS check of any credit card? (Testing through payment gateway online) (What are the fields we should check while checking AVS and CVV)