Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are the three aspects of GUI software to test for with WinRunner?

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What are the two ways to create test scripts?

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What are the four steps to record a test script?

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Why position WinRunner and the AUT so they do not overlap?

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What icon is used in WinRunner to get an explanation of the syntax of TSL?


Name three reasons why the tester may choose to record in Context Sensitive mode.


Name three reasons why the tester may choose to record in Analog mode.

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When we are recording in WinRunner and interact with the AUT, what does WinRunner do?


What are initial and end conditions?

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Why are initial and end conditions necessary?

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If a test script instructs WinRunner to open an application to test it, what end conditions might be good?

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there are 100 test cases. and u got a bug at 85th test cases. u reported it to dev and dev fixed that bug. when u r doing regression testing from whic test case u'll do tetsing?? will start from 85 th test case are u'll execute 100 test cases??


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while reading specification documents if u got any doubts or u think the specification should be clear or when u think some changes should be there in specifcation docs, or u find the difference in FRS and Design docs,whom do u report this??


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To Review the test cases , to whom u'll send the document?

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what is thetesting methodology that u r company folowing??

CTS, Sonata,

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What is Web testing & which action we take at the time of Web Testing?


If I want to check compability of software in a MAC OS then which steps shold I follow?


How to do the performance testing manually? Does you have a test case for that?


What types of software testing are available?


Write the test cases for yahoo home page


What is a testbed in manual testing?


what is the impact analysis?


What is the Myers Boundary Table?


What are the standard you follow in your company to prepare test plan document? Content is same in every standard or not. Also is there any document to read about the testing standards? Thanks in advance for giving me the answer.


HI can i know who is taking real time testing classes in banglore? i am preparing to put 3+year experience in testing if possible anybody give suggestions for preparing 3+exp


Can anyone please suggest me a online book on manual testing??


Can you explain tailoring?


which test strategy your are fallowing in your company?which documents u r using in software development life cycle?


What is positive and negative testing?


any one giv test cases for wordpad using equivalence class partioning