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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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hi, im priyan.hi friends..pls send genuine answers. don,t send half knowledge answers pls pls pls..its about life & carier matter.i faced so many problems in pls pls SEND PERFECT ANSWERS.... TANK U EVERYBODY........

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please help me to write sample tets cases for a List box

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is it necessary to write neagtive test cases for each and every field


hi, this is an interview question."what are the testing skills that u have ?". how can i answer to this one ? reply me correct answer plzzzzzzz


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hi friends , h r u all off uu ,,what is -ve , +ve test cases,what is differnce between both pls tell thanks advanceeeee


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Hi frnds im mini. can any one give correct answers for this interview questions. i have an interview in 4days..pls 1.What are tests that u have participated in Testing. 2.What is diff between Load testing Stress testing? 3.What is sanity testing when do u start it? can you test ur application with negative testing? 5.when can u start test case writng? 6.what is the tool your are using and the version? 7.what is the tool you used to report the bug ? 8.what is a formate of test case document in your company and also bug report document formate? pls send me reply.. tank u frnds.............

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CA, Navigation Solutions,


Do submit teststrategy to customer if yes at what time

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How do you test calculator?

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what is differnce between QC @ QA , test strategy, very urgent pls


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HI frnds, can any one tel me..when a tester can starts test case writing? reply sooooon plss..


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1) In a software development project Spiral Model was Chosen as the development model. What is the best-suited reason for this? A)This model is the oldest and most widely used paradigm for software development. B)In this model users get the feel free the actual system and developers get to build something immediately. C)In this model risk analysis is done coupled with evolutionary S/W process model with the iterative nature of prototyping and controlled systematic aspects of water fall model D)This model combines elements of Classical model with this iterative philoophy of prototyping.

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2)The prototype model is chosen on what grounds? A)During information engineering phase when all the requirements are clear and there is no space for any confusion. B)When the requirements are well understood and there is a need for developers to create a fully functional system within a very short time period. C)During information engineering phase when only generalized objectives of the software are defined and it is not possible to define detailed inputs, business rules and output requirements. D)when the focus should be given on the delivery of an operational product with each increment, where each increment is a spiral model.

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3) What is PDCA Cycle?

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4) Adhoc Testing is performed with A)A formal test plan but with out a formal testcase cool.gifA formal test case but without a test plan C) Both A and B D) None of the options

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What is the difference between code walkthrough and code review? What is the difference between walkthrough and inspection?


What is formal testing?


How do your characteristics compare to the profile of the ideal manager that you just described?


Enlist some bug status along with its description?


do we need to write test cases for workflow of the product for instance: there is 2 module "TRAINING ASSIGN MODULE" and "EMPLOYEE" in TRAINING assign MODULE iam assigning training to employee setp is 1.selct traning "oracle" employee u want assign "peter" 3.apply. now to check whether training assign or not GOTO EMPLOYEE module on "peter" on 'view assign to employee' this is a flow do i need to write test cases for this fllow.plz help me guy mail me


What is the purpose of test strategy?


What is the difference between three tier and two tier application?


What is agile testing and why is it important?


What are the main key components in web applications and client and server applications?


Could some one tell me test cases for multi line text boxes like Notes field?


integration test cases for mouse and keyboard


Can test condition,testcase and testscript help u in performing the static testing


Difference between adhoc testing and error guessing?


Please send any one latest 3+ years of experience testing tools resumes my mail id is


What is the difference between qa, qc, and testing?