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How do you test calculator?

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How do you test calculator?..

Answer / ranatunga jain

The question is about How you test calculator in Testing
And you are telling about checking normal physical

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How do you test calculator?..

Answer / raji

1. Verify the AC / ON button is working or not.
2. Verify whether all buttons those required for calc or
3.Verify the buttons from 1-9 working or not.
4.Verify the respective numbers displayed what ever keying
a number.
5.Verify the +,-,*,/ etc of calc are working or not.
6.Verify the results are getting according our expectations
or not.

These are the Major TC's ...But for a scientific calc
many cases will come...and There are even - ve TC's wil if
u want anybody....i will write it ....otherwise u can
try ...Bye TC

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How do you test calculator?..

Answer / sunithayagnamurthy

hai this sunithayagnamurthy

How do you test calculator:
1.verify all the numbers (1 to 9)
2.verif the add,sub,mul,div...buttons are
working or not
3.verify the sub is working or not

if any misteke is thr please excuse
and send me corrct answer

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