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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Hi priyan 4rm banglore. i recently got an job on 2+(manual testing) by faq 2 days im going 2 join in company. now, can u any tel me pls how s there n company & environment. and what work did they give for me in starting & vat work shal i do there..? pls give me reply & help me soon. pls dont mind.

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Hi guys,I have 3+ years of exp in manual testing in a bangalore based MNC company.I Like to jump in chennai.So please if u know any jobs in chennai firms please let me know in my email-id. cheers, anbarasu.


Hi Friends, This is Chennamsubbaraidu.i Have 2+ Years Realtime Exp in Manual Testing.Am Looking to Shift From My Present Company.Please if u Have Any Openings in Your Company's, Please Let Me Know.Any Location Prefer.Thanks.


Hi frnds, can any one tell me what are d real role & responsibility of an tester ? to be a GOOD TESTER, what we have to do ??


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Hi frnds, can any one tel me how we can test an MODULE by using SRS documents ? reply me plzzzz


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according 2 an company or TL,how can a tester can prepare POSITIVE & NEGATIVE test cases ??


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who will assign the seviourity & priority for a BUG in a project ? tester or any other.......... ????

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what is differance between web applicatins and web based applications?



what is differance between desktop applications and web applications?

Semantic Space,

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hi this is altaf ....could any one send me details of all testing models


Hi frnds im interviews they are one question 4r me. " AS A TESTER, WHAT IS UR GOAL OR AIM OR AMBITION..? ".. can any one gve answer perfect answer ? tank u .. reply me plss


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Hi frnds im interviews they are one question 4r me.i have been asked this one in 4 interviews.." AS A TESTER, WHAT IS UR GOAL OR AIM OR AMBITION..? ".. can any one gve answer perfect answer ? tank u .. reply me plss


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hi frinds ,,what is the difference between QA & QC , i need only real time definations ,pls pls


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whatis testing?

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hi ,, what is testing methodologies ,and what is test strategy pls tel me ... advance thanks for all


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Hi.....wat r d major bugs we can find in banking domain???


what are your achievements in your organization ? Guyz very very urgent , help me


Explain about PET Model?


What are the benefits of requirement traceability?


Can anybody help i put the pharma and bank project in my resume, but i dont know what to tell about them, any body tell the where can i get the information about them,what i need to tell about these applications,please help me


What is mean by incident logging system ?


how to write test cases on SRS?tell me any example which type of certification is usefull for less then 1 yr exp. people in testing. can anybody know immediatly sent it which the answer


1.what kind of testing have you done ?


If asked to create a Configuration Design Pattern, where would you start?


.In languages testing, what is the fixed part and changing part?


How do you estimate white box testing?


What is test driver and test stub?


What is internationalization testing (i18n testing)?


How do you go about testing a project?


what is functional testing terminologies