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Hi frnds im mini. can any one give correct answers for this
interview questions. i have an interview in 4days..pls

1.What are tests that u have participated in Testing.

2.What is diff between Load testing Stress testing?

3.What is sanity testing when do u start it? can you test ur application with negative testing?

5.when can u start test case writng?

6.what is the tool your are using and the version?

7.what is the tool you used to report the bug ?

8.what is a formate of test case document in your company
and also bug report document formate?

pls send me reply.. tank u frnds.............

Hi frnds im mini. can any one give correct answers for this interview questions. i have an intervie..

Answer / abhi

1.What are tests that u have participated in Testing.

That really depends on U.........

U can start away with...... Sanity testing( also known
as Stability testing)

Followed by the System testing on the Test build( where
exactly the Real tesing fo the unit and Integrated stable
system's testing happens).

In the Test Ececution if we come across any bugs for
that will be reported to the Development. Once the bugs
are fixed in the subsequent build the bugs that are fixed
will be RETESTED. This is Retesting.


In the regression testing instead of vaididating the
bugs that were fixed , we validate the impact of bugs
on the dependent functionalities.....

So u will be involved in Four types of Testings

Sanity Testing Level 0

System Tesitng Level 1

Retesting Level 2

Regression Testing Level 3

dats it............

3. Sanity Testing

Sanity Tesitng is performed to test validate the stabilty
of the build ( software application under test). Under
santiy testing we check whether the application is readily
accessible and the check for basic functionalities. Once
this are verified we go ahead with the testcase execution.

We start when the build released.

4.We can test the application for Negative testing by
giving the invalid inpouts...for example in order to
testing pin for ATM it only accepts 4 lettered PIN...try
giving 3 lettered or 5-lettered.... all zeroes and so

5.when can u start test case writng?

Once we are done the Preparatory activities namely:

Test Planning which include Test Plan and Test strategy, we
can start off with the Test Designing which includes the
identification of the Test case scenarios and test cases.

Once the Identified are verified for the Requirement
converage, by the Test lead we can go ahead writing the
test cases........

6. Can U throw more light on the 6th Q

7.what is the tool you used to report the bug ?

The Best tool that can be used of defect reporing is the
Test Director, which is now known as Quality Center.

8. Test Case Document:

Test Case includes the following fields:

Requirement ID/Description

Usecase REference

Test Scenario/Test Case Description

Test Scenario Type

Test Case Id/name

Test conditions( Preconditions)

Test Data

Test Executions Steps

Expected Results

Actual Results

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