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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Hi i am working in bangalore..I have 2yrs experience in manual testing,if there are any openings in ur company please let me know My email id is:

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What is the difference between bug,defect, error, failulre, fault & mistake?


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What is the difference between test case, test suite, test script, test scenario & test plan?

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Why did you choose the Software Testing Field?



What is Cursor Testing? Is it come under Manual or Automation testing .Explain?

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Whether SQL knowledge is Mandatory of Software Testing or not? Briefly Explain?


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How will be the communication between the testers and developers while found a bug?

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What are all the responsibilities will be having for a tester who is having 1+yrs of experience? What are the things the concern may expect for their recruitment process?


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how can we connect database in manual testing? pls answer for this

IBM, Logica CMG,

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what is penetration testing?

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who will give priority for testcase?

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Hi priyan 4rm banglore. i recently got an job on 2+(manual testing) by faq 2 days im going 2 join in company. now, can u any tel me pls how s there n company & environment. and what work did they give for me in starting & vat work shal i do there..? pls give me reply & help me soon. pls dont mind.

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in what order should i answer for the question "tell me abt your self"

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how we write test cases to brs,srs,hlds,llds


what is RTM


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Un-Answered Questions { Manual Testing }

What do you mean by Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and User Acceptance Testing and when do you do them?


iam new testing, i want improve writing test cases and bug defect etc? any on give suggestion pls?


Which is the best testing model?


What is Independant Testing? When and where this type of testing will be performed?


hi friends i have a question while the files are uploading into the web server(for storing)..... securely......... what is the meaning securely.......its regarding virus threating or user authentication.... the files are video files these are ripping and converted into .flv format pls clarify ..........thanks in advance......


Write the 10 high test cases for making video call/face time


how to write defects in excel sheets when defects occured


How do you test for the coockies for a web application?


What is smoke testing and what is sanity?


What kind of input do we need from the end user to begin proper testing?


What type of questions will be asking for 2 years experience candidate in manual testing?


Test cases for Internal IP Messenger


What is the difference between a bug, a defect and an error?


What are the interview question on insurance domain in manual testing


Why do we need different environments and different data? What is the other name for environment? Justify your explanation ? real time experts pls xplain?