Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Hi i am working in bangalore..I have 2yrs experience in manual testing,if there are any openings in ur company please let me know My email id is:

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What is the difference between bug,defect, error, failulre, fault & mistake?


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What is the difference between test case, test suite, test script, test scenario & test plan?

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Why did you choose the Software Testing Field?



What is Cursor Testing? Is it come under Manual or Automation testing .Explain?

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Whether SQL knowledge is Mandatory of Software Testing or not? Briefly Explain?


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How will be the communication between the testers and developers while found a bug?

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What are all the responsibilities will be having for a tester who is having 1+yrs of experience? What are the things the concern may expect for their recruitment process?


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how can we connect database in manual testing? pls answer for this

IBM, Logica CMG,

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what is penetration testing?

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who will give priority for testcase?

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Hi priyan 4rm banglore. i recently got an job on 2+(manual testing) by faq 2 days im going 2 join in company. now, can u any tel me pls how s there n company & environment. and what work did they give for me in starting & vat work shal i do there..? pls give me reply & help me soon. pls dont mind.

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in what order should i answer for the question "tell me abt your self"

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how we write test cases to brs,srs,hlds,llds


what is RTM


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What a team leader will test first when s/he will get new module to test?


What do we need to build a quality QC team ? a QC manager with all junior QCs or a QC manager with all senior QCs?


How to do integration testing on duster......


What is test management?


what is your daily activities?


Could anyone share FAQs for Test Manager position...


What are differences between Testing in Uncontrolled Environment and Abnormal Environment?


i need some objective type papers for my certification


which of the following is not a coding defect? Option 1 Test harness defect Option 2 Data flow defect Option 3 Initialisation defect Option 4 Algorithmic defect


hi every one can you send me ISTQB Course material on my Email id


is it necessary to write neagtive test cases for each and every field


1. what exactly is heuristic checklist approach for unit testing ?


can u write some high level scenarios on ms outlook express


What is Wound Fixing?


Hi....Friends....If anybody having Sample CSTP question papers, pls send it to the following Id... Thanks n advance...