Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Who is responsible for doing "Cause-Effect GraphCause Effect Graph". If tester is responsible then how we to do it? Urgent


If a interviewer ask me the duration of my project, then should i tell them the total(development+testing) time of the project? Plz tell it's urgent

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Hi Friends i have created a Community for Software Testers in Orkut with name Bug's Join in the community. you can post any type of questions related to sofware Testing in that community. Join in Bug's -- Vinodh Anandhan -

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What is the difference between GUI Testing,UI testing and Usability TEsting



Which is a form of Functional testing 1)B V A 2)Usability testing 3)Performance testing 4) Security testing.Its urgent


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why do testing are divided into stages primarily becoz: 1)different stage has different purpose 2)Stages makes the testing simpler 3)Different test run in different environments 4)The no of stages the testing is easier Please do answer its urgent


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What are the ways to check memory leak?

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which model is mostly used in companies for SDLC and y?


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what is v model need clear explanation with advantages and disadvantages?

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what is difference between regression & retesting?

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What is the difference between system testing and regression testing?

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Do you write test cases for regression testing?


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Write down the template for test case.

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Explain defect lifecycle.


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TEll me about your company..

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what r the 5 major defects that u found in ur shopping related project?


Why testers wil prepare useracceptance testcases,system testcases and integration testcases,What is the differenece between all this test cases


Iam new to testing field and i put lot of experiences so i want to get prepared for the interview in all the ways both in manual and Automation can any one help me how to answer there questions in real time. also can anyone send the top questions and answers to me plz its urget u can mail me at


What is difference between web site testing, desktop application testing and wireless application testing? what is the difference in testing strategy to test them?


Q) Create Preffered customer: As a customer when i purchase more than $5000 in goods since my first purchase, I become a preffered customer so that i can receive the benefits associated with that status.


Hi to all..Now am working at one company as Software tester..I have selected for Accenture via one consultancy.. They have told that joining date will be on 19 th july..But now they are postponed joining date..whether i can trust that or not?Can u plz tell??plzz..whether i can put my paper to releive or not? CAn u telll?


i) functional test cases can we consider for regression test ? or we have to write separet test cases for regression test ? ii) How to write the system test case and what are the technique shall we have to follow ?


What does 100% statement coverage mean?


What is Difference between Test Strategy and Test Methodology?


To specify the test artifacts involved in testing.


hai friends, I need clarifications for some doubts in testing terminology. 1.What is thread testing. 2.What is bucket testing and which automated tool is used to do this test. 3. ERP testin automation testing. 4.What is Data Warehousing testing? 5.What is Implementation testing? 6.What is Shake out testing? please let me have the clarifications in detail


what is the function generator?


difference between change management and configuration management


hi i want manual testing interview question(3+exp)please tell me


which sanity testing is performed?