What are the ways to check memory leak?

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What are the ways to check memory leak?..

Answer / swapnil ingole

hi i m swapnil
when ever we perform PERFORMANCE Testing we load the
machine to the max the memory leaksmemory leak means we
have limeted resources like limited memory to use
temporarily but we shud deallocate memory so that it can be
use correctly like in load function we load the file but it
will be still in memory by using load and unload we can
over come this problem...
is any body doubt in answer plz send me message on my mail
id swapnilingole25@gmail.com

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What are the ways to check memory leak?..

Answer / keshab

REpeat Testing is also use to check Memory leak , this
activity will done by tool like winrunner & load runner

we will perform same activity again & again like open
windows & close window

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