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what is difference between regression & retesting?

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what is difference between regression & retesting?..

Answer / anil nakhate

What is mean by Retesting-
Re testing is a testing process to test the previously failed test cases passed or not. after fixing of the defect we perform the first retesting then regression testing.

What is mean by Regression testing?
After fixing of any defect or new functionality added in application, then we perform the regression testing for existing functionality working as per requirement or not.

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what is difference between regression & retesting?..

Answer / sripathi venkata ramesh

I am Sripathi Venkata Ramesh working as a software Test
engineer. For this question difference between Regression
and Retesting - different people have given different
answers......I confused so many times.............
So the correct answer is here...

Regression Testing: Regression Testing means to test the
entire application to ensure that the fixing of bug will be
affecting anywhere else in the applicationĀ 

Retesting: Retesting means executing the same test case
after fixing bug to ensure the bug fixing.

Retesting and Regression Testing are slightly different in
the sense....they are to be executed on different test

For example, if there are 1000 test cases to be executed in
the first build....And of the 1000 test cases 100 fail and
900 pass....

Then after bug fixes and when the 2nd build is received
REGRESSION Testing has to be done on the 900 test cases and
the remaining 100 test cases are to be RETESTED

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what is difference between regression & retesting?..

Answer / shilpa saraf

Regression testing:

Testing the application after changes in a modular part of
an application for testing that is the code change will
affect rest of the application.

Retesting :

Retesting meance we testing only certain part of an
application again and not considering how it will effect in
other part or in the whole application

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what is difference between regression & retesting?..

Answer / priyan

Re-testing : it means testing a particular modified build or
application with multiple sets of data or by giving
different inputs,whether the bug is fixed or not..

after conformation, that the bug is fixed...we do

regression Testing : it means , testing the modified module
or application whether the application will show impact on
other application or not...!



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what is difference between regression & retesting?..

Answer / nandankumar

Regression Testing:
"It is a type of testing in which one will perform testing on already tested functionality again and again."

Usually we can do it in two scenarios
1. When ever raised the defects to developers team and next build is released to testing department..we will test the defect functionality as well as the related functionalities once again.

2.When ever some new features are added to the application, and next build is released, then all the related features of those new features will be tested once again

Even random functionality testing also falls under Regression testing..

Note : Regression Testing starts from 2nd build and continues up to the last build.

But where in Retesting :

Here one will perform testing on the same functionality again and again with multiple sets of values in order to come to a conclusion whether it is working fine or not.

Resting will start from 1st build and continues up to the last build.

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what is difference between regression & retesting?..

Answer / suran

Regression testing -regression testing is nothing but
retesting software to detect faults introdued during the
modification .Like it verifies whether new bugs have been
introdued after after fixing prevoulsly idetified
bugs,without regression testing any changes introduced to
the code would go undetected.

Retesting: testing the functionality Number of times
whether its working according to BRS OR FRS.

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what is difference between regression & retesting?..

Answer / psd

regression: Testing the already tested funcionality once
again that is known as regressin testing..
retesting: testing the same functionality onceagain with
multiple sets of data is known as retesting..

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