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Explain defect lifecycle.

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Explain defect lifecycle...

Answer / swapnil ingole

hi i m swapnil as per my knowledge i want 2 give my best
Defect Life Cycle : when the defect was found by tester, he
assigned that bug as NEW status. Then Test Lead Analysis
that bug and assign to developer OPEN status. Developer fix
the bug FIX status. Then tester again test the new build if
the same error occurs or not... if no means CLOSED status.
Defect Life Cycle -> NEW -> OPEN -> FIX -> CLOSED
Revalidation cycle means test the new version or new build
have the same defect by executing the same testcases.
simply like regression testing.

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Explain defect lifecycle...

Answer / devi

Defect life cycle is as follows.

When a test case fails a bug is logged and the status is
assigned as NEW.
This is then forwarded to QA Lead for a review, who assigns
the bug to be
Open ( Valid and need to be fixed immediately)
Deffered (valid but can be fixed later)
Ignored ( not a valid bug)
depending upon the severity and priority of the bug.

If the status is Open this goes to devlopment environment,
where it get fixed and unit testing is done. The status
then changes to Fixed.
Then codepromotion takes place and is send to testing
environment, where the bug is retested. If the test case
passes the status changes to closed and life cycle ends
there. If the test case fails , the status changes to
reopen and undergoes the process again until it get fixed.

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Explain defect lifecycle...

Answer / rajendra

Bug found
|------>Test Engineer Finds Bug and Assigns that bug
to Developper
Open ---->During Developper fixing bug it's status will
be changes to open
|------>Developper fixes the bug
Resolved----> Then developper changes its status to Resolved

still any one of have doubts regarding this concept feel
free to call or mail me


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