Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Explain briefly your project.



What are the Different Status of test Cases?

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What is Version control? can any one help me its urgent thanks in advance

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As i know Tester must hv to submit the test cases, test report, bug report,test results to his/her manager. So i question is What we write in test report and what else document we hv to submit to the Pm/TL.

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Hi friends Does anyone have screen shot of POWERMHS and please can anyone post anything which will be helpful to understand POWERMHS. thanks.


After receiving the build.How will you start the testing


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At Evening 6'o clock they will release the new build to you.what will u do on that time.


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what are the different statuses of test cases?

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what is the difference between Test-bed, Test-lab & Test-environment ? explain it briefly ?

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Where we have to use perl scripting in Testing approach and its importance


2.How are you going to map between Test Scenarios and Test Cases?

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what is test Harness?how it will help for testing?

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what is security test,what is meant by authentication &autherization


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Difference between JOB POSITION of Quality Assurance Engineer and software testing engineer.What are the responsibility for each?? It's really urgent.


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i want to for technical interview question paper along with in tesrviwe Phases i need


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Can any one explain me about hybrid integration testing? and what is interface in integration testing? thanks in advance...... regards, MurthySharma.Manchella


when database testing comes into manual tesing


hi all I have an overall experience of 12 years working in an EDP setup(worked in a manufacturing setup in a German MNC). On my request, I was relieved from my duties in Sep 06 for maternity reasons. However I would like to pursue a career in a software organization as a manual tester. I obtained my proficiency certificate in Software Testing from STAG SOFTWARE LIMITED 2 months ago i.e in May and would now like to continue working in this field. However I am unable to find a job until now. If anybody knows of a opening at bangalore, kindly let me know.


can u plz give an example for regression testing with example.


What are the roles of glass-box and black-box testing tools?


What is test management?


Hi friends, currently i am working with banking domain project in the part of testing..what kind of questions will be ask at interviews.. can anybody listout the project oriented questions which are asked in interviews...


In usability testing we check spelling, content, look and feel, color combination, link or menu navigation? please let me know more about usability testing.


need testing projects where can i find them


What do you do (with the project tasks) when the schedule fails?


Can anybody give whole test cases for banking should include from start to end .that will help me do should contain account,deposite,withdraw,fd,atm modules.?please try to give me??


What is the role of the test group vis-?is documentation, tech support, and so forth?


what is the function generator?


How to find bug in photos and videos ??


Which criteria should take in account while doing CMS testing of any project?