Manual Testing Interview Questions
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tell me about severity and priority with example

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Can any one tell me how SRS ,BRS documents are made?Also,what are the documents to be referred through out the SDLC and TESTING phase?


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What is penetration matrix and how it is used in software testing?

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what is the similarity between black box testing and unit testing


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i have 2 year experience in manual testing, if i am attending any interview what kind of question i will get?

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Hi, I wanted to go with TestingDomain-Automation. Regarding this I need to take training on any one tool either WinRunner or LoadRunner. Which is better to get job,having future and takes lesstime with easier***. pls mention one tool name. Basically iam manual test engineer on unix- platform.

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what is traceability matrix?

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Diffrent between Smoke and Sanity tesing?


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What is a Show Stopper?


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if tester found some bugs in the application then which format they will send it to development team.


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How do you test if an XML file is correct or not?

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what is cmmlevel each and everystage i want to complete details please any one mail me i want to complete details


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what are the types of testing


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how to see result in test director


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What are the methods you followed, while doing black box testing???


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What is difference between Manual testing and Pega/BPM testing?


How do you Prepare a Defect Managemnt Policy


Hi Could someone please provide Siebel Testing Interview questions for 5 years exp.


Does anyone have any good examples of some acceptance criteria for non-functional requirements?


Changes and enhancements to system?


how to test a web application manually?can u explain indetail?


If anybody from banglore having the real time exp in manual testing with 3+ yrs exp and looking for change send your profile to


Can any body tell me in real time how cookies testing is done. And please tell me the steps.And for cookies testing test cases is needed.


hi friends, i have completed course and project on insurance domain in mindq testing institution...can any working employee please tell me ,which notes( testing subject notes,project notes)i have to prefer first.i was studied both notes and getting of my friend got job throughly only project notes and said that project notes is enough to get which way ,i have to prepare interview( which important topics first ), if you are follow any strategy to interview purpose,pls send me important topics list.


How do you perform configuration management with typical revision control systems?


Tell me some Adhoc testing scenarios of ebay (online auction product)?


Diffrence b/w functional testing,functionality testing,system testing?


In how many ways you perform batchtesting ?


What about manual testing opening in bangalore in September. Not getting a single interview call from last one month.


Can anyone tell me about banking project? abt the transactions? the flow?