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AppLabs Interview Questions
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What are the standards will you maintain at the timing of writing TSL script in WinRunner?

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What is mutation testing

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what is the difference between SAP AND ASAP

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What is Risk Mitigation and who will involve in Risk mitigation plan?

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Which is the default Data types in VBScript?

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what is the Exact Meaning of Environment Variables?

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what is the difference between jet engine and ODBC ?


what is test scenario and test case ?please explain detail

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What is Component Testing? How to do Component Level Testing?

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what is key word driven frame work how to use keyword driven frame in QTP in a project

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waht is the difference between QTP 8.2 and 9.0 version

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How much time it will take for regression testing

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what r the differences between Testing on desktop application and Testing on client-server application while using QTP?oR while using MANUAL

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we r conduction testing on a project USING QTP, regarding that project the object repository is full ? Till that project having objects that r not recognised by repository, then what wil you do? How we wil recogine remailning objects? Is it possible to maintain another shared(or)peraction repository? what is the maximum capcity of object repository? How the technical people decide this much object repository is enoughf for this project?

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Un-Answered Questions

can any one share with me the process solving tickets in sap fico with example plz.... thanks in advance


how is corona effect can be detected??


why should be must tin no for business


What are the standard libraries used by WMLScripts?


Snake Game: This is normal snake game which you can find in most of the mobiles. You can develop it in Java, C/C++, C# or what ever language you know.


webI report not showing Barcode in PDF format, i have used BC39 font,but barcode is shown in HTML but not in PDF, please any solutions??


wat is core team. wat core team member do plz answer asap thnks


what does mean of RCT and STR in diffrential CT?


Questions asked for the post of Manager (Finance) in a Public Sector company Subject of group discussions for the post of Manager (Finance) in a Public Sector company


"What is the remedy if due exchanging, valve broke out during engine running operation?"


What is ferro-resonance in electrical system? Why it occurs and what are measures to prevent it?


Which types of gate insttaled in static switch. Please give me answer.


What all are the problems you have faced in weblogic?


can anybody give the interview questions list of RLU. plz mail me:


please sent last five years junior engineer mechnical question pappers


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