H1B Visa Interview Questions
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How you came to know about this company?

TCS, ICICI, Saint Gobain, Indian Army, XYZ,

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Where are you working currently?


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What is the company you are going to work in USA?

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What is your current salary?

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What is the salary you will get in USA?


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How many rounds of interviews the USA company conducted? What are they?

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Who had taken interview for you?


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Can you give me the dates of your interview?

Terra Infotech,

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Who are the clients for your USA company?

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What are the technologies you are working on?

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Who is the President/CEO of US company?

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What kind of projects US company is working on?

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What is the annual turn over of the company?

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How many employees in US Company?


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Why are you changing your Job?

Wipro, HCL, Cap Gemini, ICA, Saint Gobain,

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Does anyone know what kind of questions are asked by the US Embassy in Manila, to get working VISA for the USA?? Any one knows any kind of questions given by americans in the US Embassy in Manila? tnx guys




What is your highest education level?


What are the software?s you know? Have you worked on those areas?


What kind of projects US Company is working on?


My H1B interview is scheduled next month. For docs relating to previous employer, I got only offer letter and experience cert only. I used to get salary in cash. I dont have pay slips also. I was working for a temporary position. what related docs should I have posses?? Thankq all in advance 4 kind support.


how can a fresh graduate obtain an h1b visa?


Hi, I went to US consulate in Mummbai, on 16 th march 2009 and i was asked to get income tax papers of my co, list of employees and my income tax return.Whn I carried those papers and went again, the officer asked to get unemployment wage repot, but my co is not ready to send me the report, could you please tell me if there is an alternate doc to it? I really need helpIs there any other way out to go back to USA?


How many rounds of interviews has the USA company conducted? what are they?


Applied for H4 visa. My wife is on H1B visa. What may be the questions and what should be my reply?


hi I completed my MSC it wuith distinction from University Of East London UK .I want to apply for h1b visa .Please can anyone tell me what is the qualification, and is there any consultant to apply h1b visa on behalf of me please.Thank you in advance .Please help me


Application Type: I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER Current Status: Case received and pending. When I checked in the online visa status website I saw that they updated the cases till 30th march, How mauch time will take for my case, How do I know when my case processed


My H1B visa rejected in 2007, reajection section 217(A), misrepresentation of ducumnets,, my question is can i appply again visit or H1B, plz i need to know about this,,,


Hi, I am going to attend H1B interview in the mid of june 2014.I am not apply for H4 dependednt visa. But My spouse is in USA with B1 visa, she will be back shortly. what can i say about my wife if the officer asked any question ( dou you have any immediate realtion in USA .. like)? Kindly help me.


Have you been to any other country before?