H1B Visa Interview Questions
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How you came to know about this company?

ICICI, Saint Gobain, TCS, Indian Army, XYZ,

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Where are you working currently?

Polaris, Al Mariah United Group,

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What is the company you are going to work in USA?

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What is your current salary?

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What is the salary you will get in USA?


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How many rounds of interviews the USA company conducted? What are they?

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Who had taken interview for you?


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Can you give me the dates of your interview?

Terra Infotech,

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Who are the clients for your USA company?

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What are the technologies you are working on?

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Who is the President/CEO of US company?

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What kind of projects US company is working on?

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What is the annual turn over of the company?

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How many employees in US Company?


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Why are you changing your Job?

Cap Gemini, HCL, ICA, Saint Gobain, Wipro,

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I am working as SWE .I got H1B approved (valid from Oct- 2009 to Sep-2012).This time I have planes to attend consulate in Oct’09. Last year May 08 I had been to US on Business Visa (Visa valid for 10 Years). Want to know the questions I may face at US Consulate interview & chances of getting Visa? Please Help.Thanks


Hi All, I am appearing for H1B interview for 2008-09 through a consultant, who has promised me a Contractor job if I get selected. However I do not wish to work with this group,I want to look for a job on the basis of H1B in hand and later transfer the visa to new employer, Is this possible? If yes how to go about it?


I got H1B stamped in year 2008(september) for 2 years and it got expired on 2010,with myself ever going to US...can I file for extention


My H1B is sponsored by a US based company. Currently i am working in india .During processing of H1B i changed the present company in India. I have not provided the docs related to new company. Will it cause a problem in Visa stamping .My i129 has just got approved by USCIS.


how can i get a job in medical representative


Do you have Unemployement wages report?


differnce ways of error handling in call transaction please tell me any know




Can you give me the dates of your interview?


a US company has filed my H1B visa ,, and i got selected in random number process.I wanna ask Could they ask regarding my languages(java,c++) or there will b just general questions?? And wat kind of questions will they ask in embassy interview??


Do you know what is the living cost in the U.S. specific to the place where you are going?


hi, i am having dependent visa of h4 and i want h1b visa for working in U.S.A., please help me what type of questions they will ask for B.sc., computer science having no jo experience.


how to prepare for u.s interview


I worked in pune from sep 2006 to march 2008 . i applied h1b and got selected in lottery and got approval .In I179 place for attending interview is MUMBAI. present iam working in hyd from mar20 2008 to till date.my dout is where should i go for interview. Thanks.


Have you left the Present Employer already ?