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Indian Army Interview Questions
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Which is highest mountain peak in India ?

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Babur entered India for the first time from the west through (a) Kashmir (b) Sind (c) Punjab (d) Rajasthan

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Where was the first Municipal Corporation in India set up? (a) Bombay (b) Calcutta (c) Delhi (d) Madras

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Into how many commands is the Indian Army organized? (a) Four (b) Five (c) Six (d) Seven

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The smallest possible unit of a chemical compound is (A) Atom (B) Electron (C) Proton (D) Molecule

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The gas used in the preparation of soda water is: (A) Oxygen (B) Nitrogen (C) Carbon Dioxide (D) Hydrogen

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The ?IC? chip used in computers is made of 1 Chromium 2 Iron Oxide 3 Silca 4 Silicon

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. The oldest veda is (1) Atharuaveda (2) Rigveda (3) Samaveda (4) Yajurveda

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. In which type of rocks are coal and petroleum found? (1) Granite (2) Igneous (3) Metamorphic (4) Sedimentary

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Mesons are found in 1 ?-rays 2 Laser beam 3 X-rays 4 Cosmic rays

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c &c++ questions in campus Accenture and CTS papers

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what is equivalent to rank of major in navy?

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why u want to join indian army?

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Indian Army Interview Questions
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