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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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what is the diffrence between plc&dcs

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what are the basic instructions used in simatic s7-300 plc?

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What is the deffernce bet. Instrumentation and Electrical Enginerring?

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How many types of Control Modes in process control, plz tell me all.....?

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purpose of absolute ppressure transmitter applcation?

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difference b/w single acting and double acting actuator by using application only?


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what is absolute pressure and where use in process?

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i have one tank of 500mm height, which is in under vacuum of 735 mmHg, I want measure level of the same using DPT , SO WHAT WILL BE THE URV & LRV, DENSITY OF THE TANK FLUID IS 0.95. is there necessary to fill the LP side with fluid.

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what is Potential free contact? where it is used?

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how to calibate level transmiter ?range -150 to +150.what is the zero and span?

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Working principle of vibration sensor?, Type of vibration sensor? , Can we use vertical instead of horizental or vice versa?, if not Reasons?

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can any one pl explain me in brief that how we select the leakage classification in valve,means for liquid or gas there is any standard for selecting leakage classification or its depend upon valve size or any any other parameter.

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Foe selecting control valve if i have the min,normal & max data of flow rate,inlet pressure& outlet pressure,inlet tem.&density than how can i assure that these data are correct,pl. let me know if therew there is any method to check it.& also how we assure that the Cv we get from this data is suitable for valve for controlling require flow.


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How many are the types of instrument cables in terms of No. of pair.


how to calculate orifice sizing? and tell me if pipe size bet 50mm t0 200mm then we can use pipe flange??? and above 250mm pipe size should i use D & D/2 Flange? is it right or wrong?


how many maximum enter 2mm Dia solid cylindrical pipe into 8mm Dia hollow cylindrical pipe. give answer with calculation.


Why is the orifice tab provided?


what is moisture probe? What are there types? What is there working principle and how they works? guys this is one of technical question I had ask in interview. If you know its answer please let me know. The interviewers were more interested in microwave moisture probe, so if you find its any link please just forward me on my mail Thanks in advance.


what is a good line as ic engineer as maintenance ,oc, project, calibration ,validation engineer?


What is instrumentation control?


How do bending tubing provide better measurement than using tubing fittings such as elbows?


the whole paper was based on Transducers..questions like define repeatability, error,accuracy,precision..den there were many q. on the conversion of Pa to mmHg and other units.. also..der wer few Q. on some level sensors(with diagram)


What are the key features of a Distributed Control System? describing the various layers (sensor through to business system interfaces) as well as the hardware, software and security aspects of the DCS.


What are the application of bernoulli’s theorem?


why we should maintain neutral earth voltage below 1V while calibration? why cant it be 1.2V or 2V


How to calibrate Toxic gas detector?


Explain the working of an enraf level gauge.


when a magnet is heated?