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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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where using the 0-20ma in feiled instrumentation? why its using?

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what is a boiler tube leakage detector? ... what is the working principle ?

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Instrument QA/Qc what is the project quality plan?conduit inspection RFI. which documents attache with package?


what is actual difference between pressure Transducer & Pressure Transmitter.

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I want to measure level under vaccum by using DP Tx and vaccum vary between -500 to -670 mmHg and process fluid is accetic anhydride if consider process fluid density 1 kg/cm2. how to calibrate Tx ? consider level is 0 to 100 Cm.


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I want to measure flow by using DP Tx and range is 0 to 1200 Kg/cm2 ?

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Which types of quections asked in interview for FORMULATION PLANT (PHARMA)


what is the meaning if the control valve CV is 27,in terms of selecting procedure?

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if a tank is contaning oil and water than how can we measure the oil and water level seperately

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How can we loop powered for a transmitter.How we can do wiring

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how to calibrate the radar transmitter for measuring the exact tank level if tank is having agitator moving continiously because due to agitator tank surface level will vary every time.

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how to define range of dp level xmeter in open tank

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What is difference of fanuc alpha series 16i and 18i controller.also what is differnce betn TC and MC controller


what is different betwen Process zero and atm zero?

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if the neutral and ground of ups voltege are connected together in the source itslef then why the voltege b/w neutral and ground comes positive in some other destination inspite of having earth pit. how can we mimmise this?

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what is a half wave, full wave, and bridge rectifer.


To become an Instrument DESIGN engineer, is there any softwares or training to become Instrument Design engineer, plz suggest me, Iam very much interested in designing.


my data card only does run in my mobile so how can change it that it run other mobile & computer and i can stor data in my data card


How INtools is useful for routine Instrument maintenance?


how many pulses are required by a ac induction servo motor of 4 poles with 50 Hz frequency to rotate by 1 degree?


Exothermic reaction./ endothermic reaction


Q- What are the application in which PNP transistor is preferred over NPN ?


use of split range ? where it is used ? in which control loop it is used ?


In apron feeder how TPH is calculated?


what is the conversion factor for nm3 to kg/hr in air flow


why fuse block is not used for AI signal?


Difference between ultra sonic flow meter


what are the different types of communication cables used in automation and what are the difference in the cables


hello can yoy pls send me previous papers of jindalpower and steel ltd.....'m from instrumentation.....


What is cut off relay? And why use in PLC and DCS?