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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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What is heating effect?

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Why is the length of cable layyed from RTD to temp. Transmitter should be minimum? Why does heating effect takes place in their?

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Why do we use triad cable for RTD to Temp.transmitter connection? Why we don't use 3 core cable?

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What are continuances of connecting earthing and shield of branch cables (instrument to Junction box), at the same earthing pot provided on JB? Is it ok, or may produce some problem? 

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Why do we have earthing cable in branch cable and shield in the same cable?

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Why 1-5 vdc a standard?

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Hello Friends do you know this answer of this Question? Which color you would use when there is Somthing not correct or need to change In P&ID? i mean color that use for highlight that need to update in P&ID. Yellow Highlighter ? Red color ? Blue Color ? Appreciate for your answer. Thanks Blue Color

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what is all types of analyzer in water production plant?


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flow transmitter formula?

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Flow tax range 0 to 100 mmh2o ,flow rate 40 tons /hr, I want change flow rate example 42 tons/hr so tx range ?

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Describe how to use megger to measure the earth resistance and insulation resistance


why we use the 4-20 mamp signal used for transmitter.


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Boiler flame scanner working principle?


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Why boiler chimney area  oxyden sensor fixing? 



How to calculate flow of air bubbler type level transmiter  According hight and density 

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How to calibration coriolis flow meter?


a flow transmitter [range-0-400mbar] connected in process line. please explain me how to calibrate the flow transmitter , & how to do static error


Do you have reference list?


wich is coming the first HAZOP OR SIL


we are having yokogawa centum cs3000 dcs in our power plant. i need some of the operator guides NOT to appear in HIS0163 AND HIS 0162 but it shoul appear in HIS0164 HOW TO DO IT?


why I need valve guard and whats different between guard and positioner ??


When doing a liquid seal on a differential flow transmitter , most of the time the sealing liquid will be heavier then the process fluid. For wich application will the sealing liquid be lighter than the process fluid if transmitter is mounted below the process line.


why we are using digital signals for I/O & how to measure this signals is getting or not ?


what is o2 analyzer and how it measured ,what is the role of this analyzer in cfbc boiler...


What is eddy current? Describe the operating principle of proximity probe.


give some question relative instrument fitter?


I have completed B.E. Instrumentation & control in 2009. i have 3 year industrial job experience in chemical, I want to join M.E. in external. so, Plese say easiet way and good institute name.


What should be the main consideration while starting the Rotating compressor when we dont know the cut in and the cut off pressure setting of the pressure switch


Why do we floating DC in DC system.


explain key exchanges in all security modes WPA,WPA2,TLS?