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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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How to calibrate the control valve.

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Please asked me How calculate DCS controller memory.



What is open loop and close loop?

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In Safe Guarding test what means by "Failed to Danger" ?



How to calibrate level switch?

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we are using centum vp as monitoring with Dell precision work station T3600 but some times PC(s) are restarted automatically . how we can solve this problem? thanks

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how many type conductivity sensor ?

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Hi i am aneesh, done btech in applied electronics & instrumentatiin. And then i took mba in finance & marketing.After that i got placement in finance co and worked there for 3.5 yrs.Now i wanted to come back to engineering job.But without engg experience, i may not able to find an opening.i have done a course related to flow meters and ite calibrations. Kindly suggest where should i try to get a job?

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How many mode are in ups?

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Where we cant instal mass flow meter.

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What are the difference between mass flow meter, magnetic flow meter and vortex flow meter.

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What is the three element? And how it work?

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Why we use 3-15 psi air for control valve input?

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what is rtd


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Why we use 250 ohm resister in series hart communicator?


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protection relay watchdog contact operation?


What is zero elevation and zero suppression?


how many types of preheaters are in cement industry & what r they can any body explain?


what is performance test.need defination


When doing a liquid seal on a differential flow transmitter , most of the time the sealing liquid will be heavier then the process fluid. For wich application will the sealing liquid be lighter than the process fluid if transmitter is mounted below the process line.


What is difference between ESD and PLC please Explain me clearly.


I will attend an interview with GasGas company for a position of Instrument Technician ( Offshore )in next month can anyone tell me what questions they will ask. Thanks in advance.


Where Can i take a SPI INtools training in Mumbai? In Rolta India Ltd to whom I should approach regarding of SPI INtools Training?


i have used level transmitter in starch cooking preparation tank. tank total height 2mtr.sometime LT display shows some error value when tank is fully empty and diaphragm side i already checked okay no problem in diaphragm area. field cable checked 24volt and mA shows correct value while tank empty mA is 4mA. 4mA i needed that 0% but display showing 10% or 15% percentage values are varying continously please give any good solution for me.....


how to rectify the poor signal strength in utrasonic digtial flow meter ,model:ge digital xce868i


what is basic difference between motion balance and force balance in pneumatic instrument?


Type of level transmitter commnly used in Procees area are the following. a.________________This type of level transmitter works as follows


Why plc require in analog input 4-20amp & 0-10 volt?


Sir , i have completed my M.Sc In Instrumentation and presently working in Maintenance department 3 yrs Exp , is there is any possible for work in offshore ..


what is the advantage of submersible level transmitter compare to ultrasonic level transmitter?