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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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How to work DCS? how to get the signal from Field Instruemtns to PIB to Console?

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What is Positive Calibration and Negative Calibration?

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what is RTV function in in process control?



why ultra sonic level transmitter is installed in 90 degree?


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what are the following documents comes under loopchecking


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how to know the URL and LRL for steam drum level and why the calibration range is in negative ?

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What is two wire system and how it work

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How to convert 4 wire level transmitter connection to 2 wire.

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Is it possible to convert 4 wire transmitter to convert to 2 wire with additional relay.Please send detial with drawing,i will appreciate.

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a pressure transmitter with a range of 0 to 2500kpag has a specified accuracy of 0.5 % of span.It is to be calibrated using a comparison gauge to have an accuracy of 0.1% of span.The comparison gauge has a range of 0 to 3000kpag What is the accuracy ratio? is this ratio acceptable?

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What is the maximum distance limit of 4-20mA and 0-10V DC standard signal transmission ?


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What should we do when Fisher Fieldvue DVC2000 give some out put air at 4mA bt at that i need no out put

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applications of 1-5v and 4-20ma?

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I want to know the questions asked in ONGC interview(after being selected in the written exam) for Instrumentation branch.Kindly help.


How to change dcs card in online. (Dsc is maxdna)

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Post New Instrumentation Questions

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what is the diffrence between pressure safety valve & pressure relief valve....pls


What materials are used in thermo wells?


Explain types of valves?


where proximity sensor installed on tank in loading arm application


-/5A. What is the meaning and limitations of this in energy meter constant. It is a 3 phase LT Energy Meter. If this Energy Meter is connected through a CT of ratio 200/5 Amps, then what is the multiplying constant and how its will be calculated.


When doing a liquid seal on a differential flow transmitter , most of the time the sealing liquid will be heavier then the process fluid. For wich application will the sealing liquid be lighter than the process fluid if transmitter is mounted below the process line.


what is cems analyzer explain with principle and drawing ?


what about your moleg in pogrees with company


Punj lloyd is coming in our Jadavpur Universtiy campus for campus placement. Please send me some hints about the writtend exam. My email id is


In dcs panel we are using diff type of modules ?what is module ? what is the use of modules ?diff type of module?


How is automatic reference junction compensation carried out in temperature recorders?


What is force balance principle?


HI, can anybody give details about GAS TREATMENT PLANT CONSTRUCTION,as INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEER what are the responsibilites.what are the instruments mainly instrumentation engineer will deal with


key exchanges in wpa,wpa2,tls


Why is the orifice tab provided?