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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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what is EDI ,ALE , Debugging, Smart Forms ,IDOC'S & BDOC'S


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What are the steps of ATP in asp sd


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what is otc(order to cash) process


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I have 6 years of sales experience in consumer durables? how do i get a job in sap sd module? kindly mail me at or call me at +91- 8008885024

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Hi I am looking for SAP SD course . Can someone suggest me where should I join? Thanks Anjali


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what is realization phase in implementation??


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Dears, while creating inquiry, i am getting error, "pricing error: mandatory condition PR00 is missing" please tell me how to solve this..

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i want to block delievery block for a certain delivery and billing automatically how to achieve this in customising


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Hi , I am 38 Yrs old and having 10 years of experience in trading industries like Computer hardware,software and steels and education field .I am having some exp of working in SAP as core team also. i want to know is there any limitations of AGE in SAP .



no customer master data exists for sold to party

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what of issues/tickets face genrally in real time

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tcs question ? at what phase of project do you have entred


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im encountering problem like copying is not possible b'coz an entry is missing in table tvcpl:tor lf


I am learning sap-sd , is it the basic sap-sd configuration technique only that I should learn ? Will it be enough to appear at the interview ?

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It is heard that an experience certificate should be shown in my c.v. to get a sap job ; In that case my question is -- - one and half years of experience or two years of experience ---- does it indicate fresher ? I am asking this because if no company is recruiting fresh sap candidate then how could I get my first job [ shown in my c.v. ] ? How should i prepare to get a job in this case ? I am an mba and also having sales experience for 5 years .

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) }

how to configure Supply chain management


What is the difference between a sales activity and a sales document?


what are the techniques available in delivery scheduling?


Explain about customer master record?


Can you explain what a statistical condition is? Give an example for a statistical condition?


In Intercompnay Billing scenario, Does Idocs get posted as we delivery is done from other plant and also the Intercompnay billing happens in the prcess. Though we have the same ERP system i.e. SAP only for all transactions.


In case of third party sales what would trigger for the automatic creation of pr or po?


How to trace changes in sales order how do you trace the changes made in the sales order in regards to changes to the partner function in the sales orders?


Once the system determined the item level schedule line category automatically in the sales order, can you still change it manually?


What do you mean by order confirmation


How we can do invoice split depending on item category in which scenario we will use?


What is availability check? When and at what level is availability check carried out?


What is rush order?


Briefly explain the relationship between sales organizations and company codes.


What is the structure of delivery document?